Sony is Going in a Surprising New Direction With the PlayStation 5

Sony is describing the PlayStation 5 as a niche product for hardcrore gamers, which is both an evolution of the PlayStation brand and a shift in messaging for the console manufacturer.

ApocalypseShadow1787d ago

It's not a shift in messaging. Sony is doubling down on core gamers that got them where they are now. Instead of chasing casuals like their competitors seem to care about again and again because they are looking for more profits from blind spenders that don't read the fine print.

Sticking with what they have done best and those who support that every generation is Sony's focus. Doesn't mean they won't prepare just in case the core consumers change their habits. But PlayStation sales each generation tells Sony that there is a base that care about a variety of quality games, fairly priced consoles for what you get and the value over time without paying extra cost.

Others are trying to change things to fit their agendas and using influencers to get there. Sony would rather be dragged as long as they can by digging their heels in the dirt. Hopefully they can hold out for as long as they can.

chiefJohn1171787d ago (Edited 1787d ago )

PS has always been a goto Console for casuals just as much if not more than core gamers in fact more casuals are on PS than Xbox. You have it very backwards. Core gamers have 0 problem buying dlc, special editions, subscriptions. Casuals not so much, there's a difference between core and hardcore btw and hardcore did not make ps what it is today anyone will tell you it was casuals and core not hardcore as like the article said very niche. They usually go the PC route nowadays anyway. I'm sure many like you preached about your MEGA PC a few times around here lol

Shikoku1787d ago

You seem to be confused and using terms in ways the industry doesn't.

ApocalypseShadow1787d ago

Sorry. I don't have a mega PC. Unless you count playing open bor fan made games, AM2R and old school emulators like MAME on PC, powerhouse games needing some expensive, super graphics card that I could use that money towards console games and VR.

You are so far from being right It's hilarious. Thanks for playing.

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Army_of_Darkness1787d ago

There are casual gamers on both platforms, but it's the core PlayStation gamers that buy their consoles on a consistent basis... When the core ps gamers such as myself is happy with it, I'll recommend a Sony console to my non gaming friends and even gfs. That's how casuals usually end up buying a ps console. Word of mouth. If you think casuals purchase consoles more than the core gamers, then you are very mistaken because the ps4 would be selling Waaaaay more than what it is now 😉😁

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fei-hung1787d ago

Playstation built its empire during the PS1 by bringing the most popular arcade games into the home. Games like Tekken, Street Fighter, Ridge Racer, Time Crisis, Soul Calibur and others.

These people were not casuals. Playing in the arcade was as hardcore as it can get. Playstation brought this home and made it easier to access for everyone.

The Wood1787d ago

Microsoft spent billions on minecraft bro . . . .they were begging for that casual revenue. . . .sea of thieves. . . . . Yeah. . . So for the hard core gamer

bouzebbal1787d ago

I think they are preparing something big. Reveal cost them nothing, but hype has been building up since. I think this is new ceo vision, savings and investing in the product itself.
Let's see how the press reveal will be, and how the marketing campaign is thought..

leejohnson2221787d ago

I think it maybe you who is backwards

sampsonon1786d ago

the value of having the hardcore gamers on board s that most casual gamers ask the hardcore gamer what console they should uy/ then the ball rolls and even more casuals buy the console because it's selling well and it's the centre of any gaming discussion.

when you have the hardcore gamer you own the market. and i am surprised MS doesn't understand that/

kingfortoday1786d ago

No youre spinning it. They have both MORE hardcore than xbox while having even more casuals. As in, huge ocean

jwillj2k41786d ago (Edited 1786d ago )

Only a casual would think halo/gears/forza/cod/madden/ price is right isn’t casual.

Realms1786d ago (Edited 1786d ago )

The Wii is the definition of a casual audience people that never played video games in their life bought one. Why do I bring this up because that isn't the same audience that the PS attracts. True the PS4 may have more casuals by the simple fact that they have more people but that doesn't mean their core audience is casual. Otherwise how is it that Bloodborne, Nioh, Persona 5, Yakuza do well on the platform. I don't know where you get the idea that the PS is the go to for casuals being that Nintendo released the ultimate casual console.

CoinOrc1786d ago

He is definitely confused. He has been confused throughout the whole generation. He can’t handle reality so he tries to substitute reality with his own deluded fantasy.

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Yi-Long1787d ago

The good thing about Sony, is that they'll have stuff for the 'casual' market, but it's optional: You want VR? Cool, but it's optional. You want motion controllers? Cool, but it's optional.

Nobody is forcing you to buy any of that stuff. If it seems cool to you, say Wonderbook on PS3, or Astrobot in VR (PS4), you'll buy the xtra stuff and you'll enjoy it.

What Nintendo is doing, and what Microsoft was trying to do, was basically shoving it down your throat.

"Don't want motion-controls? Well, tough luck, but the console only comes with joycons and we've implemented those controls into these great games!"

Now, I don't mind motion controls when A; they're optional, and B: they actually ADD to the experience, but with some of Nintendo's best games, we've seen them implementing motion controls (or other gimmicks, like the 2nd screen), and they actually DETRACT from the experience. In more games more than others, and obviously every gamer reacts differently to these things, but many gamers expressed disappointment at games like Zelda Skyward Swords having awkward motion controls, an no way to play with just regular controls.

Microsoft was trying to shove the whole Kinect thing down everyone's throat, saying it was mandatory, XBO wouldn't be able to work properly without it, etc etc. Luckily, gamers clapped back in a massive way so Microsoft had to rethink that approach, but when you sacrifice core gaming needs in favor of forcing casual and gimmicky stuff down gamers' throat, it usually results on those gamers quickly turning their backs on you and your product.

Luckily, Microsoft is back on the right track again these past 2 years orso.

Sony have always just kept all that stuff optional. It's absolutely there if you feel you need it, but they don't force it on you, like Microsoft did, and Nintendo still does ...

WeAreLegion1787d ago

I agree with most of what you're saying, but VR isn't just for casual gamers. It's a pretty devoted and hardcore fanbase, so far. Well, outside of mobile.

Also, I still have the Wonderbook...

chiefJohn1171787d ago

Right as long as things are optional you can't do much harm. MS got back on track to what made Xbox and cut out the gimmicks.

Yi-Long1787d ago (Edited 1787d ago )


VR does really have that casual APPEAL though, which is kinda what we're talking about here.
Yes, of course there will be VR-games that will demand core-skills, and won't be suitable for casuals, but it's also something that brings in a new group of gamers, who are into 'gimmicks' and just the latest cool tech, and they might not be into Bloodborne and Gran Turismo, but they like swinging at neon blocks with a virtual sword. Games like Guitar Hero very much had a casual appeal, but obviously also appealed to core gamers when it actually came to the more difficult levels.

Personally, I see a whole lot of potential for VR, cause I feel it certainly ads to certain games/genres, and offers new possibilities, but I decided to sit it out this gen, but will jump in next-gen, when we have a bit more powerful hardware and probably improved VR-gear.

DillyDilly1787d ago

Some games do force motion controls with no options to turn them off such as Beyond Two Souls etc

PapaBop1787d ago

I think most importantly here is that not only is VR optional, unlike say Kinect, Sony aren't taking resources away from their core gaming stuff. Microsoft trying to force Kinect on people aside, the real kick in the teeth is that they were creating Kinect stuff at the expense of their core gamers. They wanted a slice of that Nintendo Wii pie and thought they were trading up in their fanbase.. fortunately the only pie they got from that endeavour was humble pie.

Imalwaysright1786d ago

Casual appeal? Putting a "helmet" on your head is not for the casual gamer. Getting used to the sickness VR may cause is not for the casual gamer. VR sales of all devices available show that VR is far from having casual appeal.

nitus101786d ago

The PS4 dual shock controller has motion control as well as a touchpad a speaker and if you wish you can plug in a stereo headphone with a microphone. All PS4's come with a mono headphone plus microphone which allows for voice recognition.

Granted the voice recognition for the PS4 was not as good as what the XBox1 Kinect could but it made for a console that was US$100 cheaper. Personally, I found that I could select a game so much faster from the menu rather than use voice (yes I have tried it). As an example, for me to select my last played game once the PS4 menu pops up is "Right", "Down", "X" and I can do that faster than I can speak the name of the game.

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DarXyde1787d ago

I disagree to a point. I think a big reason behind Playstation's success is that there's enough content for everyone from all strokes, including casual gamers. While we're talking about this, I would still like for someone to define hardcore gamer and casual gamer.

That aside, I err on the side of caution with all of this talk about "niche" and "hardcore". The last time Sony made it clear that a Playstation isn't going to be for everyone, they (Kutaragi) said people who really want one would be willing to work 2 jobs to afford it and it came out costing $499/$599 USD. I can live with $500 and expect it, but $600 is a bit much. I didn't get a PS3 until it was $400, actually and that was me waiting for it to be the cost of a traditional launch console. I should also add that this generation coming is looking like the future-proofing thing they did during gen 7: powerful hardware that is expected to last longer than a traditional generation and a mostly more powerful successor.

Difficult to know how to interpret all of the things being said, so I'll wait for an announcement and price.

RangerWalk2671787d ago

I think gaming in general is on the right track. I don't compare companies or pieces of plastic. I just play games. If I owned stock for one of the companies or worked there...maybe then I would care. But I'm not in the fanboy cult.

sprinterboy1786d ago

Yep Sony knows gamers will buy playstation for hzd, tlou, uncharted, death stranding, spiderman, gow games.
There must plays imo, I'd be a casual gamer if it wasn't for playstation exclusives.

FanboysKiller1786d ago

It's forbes ,what do you expect.

Christopher1786d ago (Edited 1786d ago )

***Instead of chasing casuals like their competitors***

With the number of consoles they've sold this generation, I think they catered to the casuals, which the majority of PS4 owners are, just like the so-called competition.

Your response to this makes absolutely no sense to me. Do we care about market reach (consoles sold like the PS4) or just power (like the Xbox One X is right now)? Are we saying Sony only selling 20m consoles with their niche machine is better than 90m with the PS4? Will you be okay when XBO Scarlett sells twice as much as the PS5? Or are we just prepping for excuses?

IMHO, the best approach is to do what they did this generation and put out a reasonably priced but still, for its period of release, technical advancement over the current generation of consoles.

***You seem to be confused and using terms in ways the industry doesn't.***

Seems to me like there's a lot of people in this thread trying to rewrite what terms mean to suit some sort of open-ended future potential for a console provider.

chiefJohn1171786d ago (Edited 1786d ago )

I know cause statistics and my personal experience with family friends and acquaintances. Btw I hope you know you can't hide your history lol.

@Army If you say so, maybe we have two different definitions of casual.
@ solid by percent how many games do gamers by for each consoles? You don't even have to take my word for it, go find out yourself
@kohox lol thats funny considering cod and madden sale more on ps Especially Madden it's not even close per install based % 😆 you proved my point more lol. Ignorance is bliss I'm done thanks.

You people getting so defensive like it's a bad thing to have a market for casuals. Both consoles do AND SHOULD Sony and MS would be idiots not to get them to buy. For some reason this make y'all upset? Fanboys are the worst

Lol dude talking bout ps1 like I never had it 😂 you people are hilarious. You can't even mention ps unless it pure praise without people getting mad, you're comment don't even have to be negative, smh. Geez all I did was correct the arguably the most wrong user on n4g and enlighten him that IT'S A FACT MORE CASUALS ON PS (THIS IS NOT A NEGATIVE THING AND DOESN'T MEAN CORE PLAYER ARE A SMALL % OR SOMETHING) AND SONY IN FACT GOES AFTER THE CASUALS MARKET LIKE EVERYONE ELSE. hopefully caps help get it thru.