5 Bad Switch Ports That Should Not Have Happened

Greysun writes:

The Nintendo Switch gets bombarded with many, many ports. But most of them actually run pretty well, with only a couple that we would call bad Switch ports.

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Neonridr397d ago

While I agree with the majority on this list Bloodstained is far from a bad port. Sure it doesn't run as fast as the other more powerful machines and has some sacrifices made to the graphics to keep the game running smooth. But some of the errors that are being mentioned can be patched and addressed. The game is still fun to play, it's not like it's broken or anything.

King_Noctis397d ago

Ark should have never been released the way it is on the Switch. The game is so so bad.

397d ago
EddieNX 397d ago

It's purely down to the incompetence of the Devs. Just go and look at how more demanding games have successfully been ported to Switch and then you have proof that these are just poorly done.