PS Plus: Free Games for July - Detroit: Become Human Deluxe Edition replaces Pro Evolution Soccer

Matthew Groizard writes: Update: We are making a swap to the PS Plus games lineup for July. This month, we are adding Detroit: Become Human Digital Deluxe Edition, which also includes Heavy Rain, to the July games lineup instead of Pro Evolution Soccer 2019. We apologize for any inconvenience.

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UltraNova1312d ago

Nice indeed... Great game.

Smitty20201312d ago

I’ve been wanting this game for along time so my patience has paid off

IRetrouk1312d ago

I've been meaning to get round to it, had a few games distract me recently and forgot about it, I'm not sure us in the uk are getting it or not, either way I will have it at some point, heavy rain and beyond were great.

IRetrouk1312d ago (Edited 1312d ago )

Europe is getting the change too

darthv721312d ago

Why don't they just have both? I mean does it kill them to have three games for free this month?

IRetrouk1312d ago (Edited 1312d ago )

They are giving us the £52.99 deluxe edition which includes heavy rain, that's 3 games.

rainslacker1312d ago


LOL. First people complain that one game is crap, then they give a fairly recent highly rated release, and it's them being stingy with only two games.

Oh...but heavy rain is included with the Detroit edition, so, no, it won't kill them to have three games.

A lot of us PS owners already have detroit. Many of us didn't have PES. The change here is pointless for me, but hope others enjoy it.

bouzebbal1312d ago

God indeed. Especially that I have PES and not Detroit

darthv721312d ago

@rain, I dont know why you singled me out but anyway I wasnt complaining. I figured they could just add this to the mix as a bonus. You know... how sometimes they can feel generous and just add an extra game for the heck of it.

rainslacker1312d ago

Sorry. You were the first negative comment I came to since your so high up on the comments. Dont take it personally, I would have laughed at anyone else in the way.

For some, it's always going to be a no win situation.

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StormSnooper1312d ago

Sony was actually listening to the point that they immediately responded to people. It’s crazy.

Zeegamereh1312d ago

Yea now if everyone could just do the same next time Xbox gives out trash games that’ll be great thanks

darthv721312d ago

@zee... well I dont know about you but I see MS giving games away that arent part of the monthly GwG. Recently they gave away too human and comic jumper. They werent part of GwG... they were free to anyone.

thejigisup1312d ago

Maybe it's not crazy, maybe it's just Sony being Sony. I'm in the minority here but I don't mind getting pes

StormSnooper1312d ago

I wasn’t taking a dig at anyone. I was just saying that it’s crazy that they actually heard and responded in such a quick time frame. Personally, I would have liked PES as well, but between these I would take Detroit.

ps360s1311d ago

can be a bad thing because you give them more and then complain once that certain thing doesn't go their way, I really can't see why complaint about PES2019. Oh well, atleast Sony listens unlike the other...

I mean we are getting games every month even if it was not what you wanted for that certain month.

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Knushwood Butt1312d ago

Whoa, what?

July goes from worst ever to one of the best ever!

Now glad I added another 12 months to my PS Plus subscription in June.

MajorLazer1312d ago

Very, very happy with this switch. Been wanting to play Detroit since launch and Heavy Rain is a fabulous game too

Crazyglues1311d ago

Awesome, I love that they did this....

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Relientk771312d ago

Wow that is much better! Sweet

sander97021312d ago

That is actually really nice of Sony, is this the first time they listened to complaints about PS+ games I can't remember?
Also prepare for news coming from Quantic Dream soon considering the PS+ lineup is basically used for marketing nowadays.

Cmv381312d ago

I think this was the first time it was unanimous across the region's that it was a bad month. Glad the listened. Even though I already own Detroit.

CrimsonPheonix1312d ago

usually if a game is becoming available on another platform Sony also makes it free on PS+ i've seen that happen with quite a few titles that had come to switch. These games just went to PC.

StormLegend1312d ago

Thank you playstation for listening to us. You guys are amazing! I didn't mind the soccer game but i will definitely take this over it. Detroit Become human is GOTY. Material.

whitbyfox1312d ago

game of the year 78% Metacritic. OK then.

StormLegend1312d ago

In it's genre that's the best game you can get right now and has the most storylines that actually matter to your choices. Craps over any life is strange or telltale game.

Fluttershy771312d ago (Edited 1312d ago )

It is an awesome experience... But its so weird, so unique that's not for everyone... It has 78 because of that, not because of being broken or anything (also meta means nothing, Fifa has 84? and its probably the same game they've been releasing since 2012)... Become human will go multiplat eventually, maybe you'll give it a fair chance then?

Elda1312d ago (Edited 1312d ago )

LOL!!! You seem bitter!! You have the most unpopular opinion seeing most folks here commenting are ecstatic about getting Detroit:BH to play instead of a Soccer game.

Potnoodle9991312d ago

Whitbyfox hasn’t played it.

jukins1312d ago

Either you sont enjoy these types of games or you just havent played it. This was definitely a goty type of game. It touched on subjects that many mainstream games avoid. And add to that the many many paths and outcomes. A true single player game that can be played over and over again and be different everytime what else does this

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whitbyfox1312d ago (Edited 1312d ago )

Life is Strange 85% Metacritic. Why lie.

Knushwood Butt1312d ago

I already got Life is Strange with Plus.

Kribwalker1312d ago

telltale games, Until dawn is higher rated as well, mind you by 1 point.

definitely better than PES, but not GOTY material

Parasidious1312d ago

@kribwalker Until Dawn was also already a PS+ game.

The_Sage1312d ago

@ Krib... Until Dawn is by Supermassive, not Telltale.

Christopher1312d ago

***Until Dawn is by Supermassive, not Telltale***

Certain he meant "games by Telltale Games AND Until Dawn are higher rated as well"

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BLow1312d ago (Edited 1312d ago )

Didn't we just get an article about this the other day saying how Plus needs to change? So I wonder if the feelings are the same right now lol. For $5 a month you just got these games. $5...Is Detroit alone not worth $5?

I would love all same people to come over and give us your thoughts. This will get added to my massive backlog. Oh and it has Heavy Rain too. I'm sure some will still complain lol....

This better reach those high heat levels lol....

Nitrowolf21312d ago (Edited 1312d ago )

Those articles will keep happening cause all those guys do is wait for negativity to write. I mean last month had a good offering but the writer waited?

Next we will be seeing “Sony needs to stop giving us games we bought” articles

TK-661312d ago

Well the thing is that the GWG and PS+ style of giving the player games just feels lackluster by comparison to the model PS Now and XGP use. Why pay $5 for two games when you can pay $10 for hundreds?

milohighclub1312d ago (Edited 1312d ago )

Between Borderlands, Sonic mania, Detroit and heavy rain it's more than worth a years subscription. I only renewed for the month but means I've now had 4 great games for 6.99.

I've been vocal about the lackluster offering from ps+ this gen but if they keep this up then I'll stfu fo sho.

Silly gameAr1312d ago (Edited 1312d ago )

Those articles bring traffic to their sites, so don't expect them to go anywhere anytime soon.

william_cade1312d ago

To deny the "rentals" on top of already paying for your online component of a game that you bought for 60 + usd were shit, is hole new level of ignorance or stupidity.

They knew they put out shit that's why they changed it.

rainslacker1312d ago

It's never going to be enough. Either that, or they'll use this as a reason to say why it's so important to stress one's consumer voice, even though this may be an occurrence that happens one in a blue moon. Think of how many times things actually change. Last one I remember was MS DRM policies. This one was probably more because of the discontent on their own forums.

Personally, I already have Heavy Rain and Detroit. PES I didn't have, so it was a better value for me, as I may have been able to find some fun in it because I don't play sports games as much.

quent1312d ago

You lose it when you stop paying for you're online trial

BLow1312d ago

That's the same with any service. Nice try though....

slayernz1312d ago

I commented elsewhere that while I wouldn't play PES I thought not the best game for Sony to offer. Most football lovers would have a footy game already.... but would be a good time to play a couple of backlogged games.... that's out the window now I've been wanting to play Detroit for ages. quite happy with the change!

Petebloodyonion1312d ago

It still needs to change because of the competition.
Epic Store is giving a free game per week. That's 4 games for 0$ and you keep the game.
Humble Bundle is giving you around 8 games for 10$ again game that you keep when you cancel the subscription (here's the recent list: Call of Duty BO4, Assassin's Creed Origin, Hellblade, etc.).
Plus they are giving you access to a 60 games vault.

So yes, they need to change to keep the good faith of the ppl.

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