Detroit: Become Human has sold more than 8 million copies

Quantic Dream has sent Gamereactor a press release stating that Detroit: Become Human now has sold more than 2,5 million copies on PC, making it surpass 8 million across all platforms.

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Nerdmaster67d ago

That's great. Quantic Dream took everything they learned from their past games and built the most refined, coherent and interesting game and story yet. I even bought it on both PS4 and PC.

Seraphim67d ago

I preferred Beyond Two Souls. Still, Detroit was an exceptional experience just like Heavy Rain. Definitely happy to see the game has sold well over the years.

Fist4achin67d ago

Beyond was outstanding. Their other games were great, but BTS was my favorite so far.

CrimsonIdol67d ago (Edited 67d ago )

It took them nearly 5 years to accomplish that compared to a game that's just come out. Willing to bet a majority of those sales were heavily discounted too. Quantic Dream games were always heavily spruiked by Sony as exclusive graphical showpieces for the Playstation, so I'm sure that helped out too.

For reference the original Dead Space sold 2 Million over its lifetime, so some new IP from a new studio approaching that in its first year or so really isn't that bad.

sagapo67d ago

Great game, really enjoyed this one.

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The story is too old to be commented.