Rumor - Switch Mini accessory from Bigben leaked

GoNintendo writes: "We've had a random Chinese manufacturer claiming that they're working on Switch Mini accessories based on secret information, which didn't exactly have people feeling like the info was legit. Now we have something a bit more trustworthy, as it's supposedly from well-known UK accessories publisher, Bigben. As you can see above, they appear to have a silicon sleeve in the works, and the box itself says Mini Switch on it. As long as this item is legit itself, you can't get anymore clear-cut than that!"

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Jin_Sakai724d ago (Edited 724d ago )

No more huge bezels. Nice.

EddieNX 723d ago

So there could be a Switch 2 and a mini Switch 2. Sign me up, the mini one will be the best handheld console ever made bar none.

Christopher723d ago

How? How can you claim anything to be the best ever with no details?

TheFirstClassic723d ago

Some people believe in god, Eddie believes in Nintendo

EddieNX 723d ago

It will be the most powerful handheld ever made with the best games. Better than psp, Vita or any previous Nitntendo handheld. Not hard really.

Knushwood Butt723d ago

Always amuses mewhen Nintendo fans try to boast about power, the very thing that Nintendo doesn't prioritize in order to keep production costs low to maximize profit on hardware sales.

Neonridr723d ago

@Knushwood - well he was speaking about handhelds only. Technically it is the most powerful handheld out there.

Christopher723d ago

***@Knushwood - well he was speaking about handhelds only. Technically it is the most powerful handheld out there.***

Technically it is if you ignore a few 8" tablets that exist (and that you can play with controllers). Otherwise, it definitely isn't.

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jznrpg723d ago

I don’t care about mini show me the upgrade .

mixelon723d ago

You can’t judge tech by power like that. Of course it’d be the most powerful handheld - if you don’t include phones.. you have to compare it to whatever devices are current. The original Switch had intentionally conservative specs.

If a company wanted to go all in with a handheld it could be immensely more “powerful” than the switch, power isn’t one of its selling points at all. The choice of games and convenience are.

Bleucrunch723d ago

That is a rather pre-mature statement to make @EddieNX

@TherFirstClassic, you get comment of the day for that one. LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL

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gangsta_red723d ago

There might be some truth to all these rumors after all

Ninte723d ago

Just announced the damn thing already.

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The story is too old to be commented.