NWR: Princess Debut Review

NWR writes: "'I HATE BOYS!' If this review had been written half-way through my playing of Natsume's Princess Debut, that exclamation would have been the tagline. Yet what else could I say when, with just 15 days before the big ball, my dance partner prince stopped showing up to practice, exhibited a distinct lack of self confidence, and still played practical jokes on me every chance he got? Maybe I should've gone with someone more sensitive, like Liam, or that dark brooding Luciano… but I was stuck with boyish, carefree Vince! "OOOOH!"

Part ballroom rhythm game and part relationship management sim, Princess Debut is a game whose appeal grows the more one is willing to live the game's fairytale. It's how one plays the game off the screen, as well as on the screen, that matters."

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