Paradox Interactive: "The 70/30 revenue split is outrageous"

From "The 70/30 revenue split offered to developers by most platform holders is "outrageous," according to Paradox Interactive's Fredrik Wester, who praised Epic Games' efforts to offer a more reasonable alternative with its own store.

Speaking as part of a panel at Gamelab last week, which was hosted by, Wester did not mince his words when talking about the deal that the industry's biggest distribution platforms offer to developers."

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shuvam09401d ago

Not gonna lie, it IS outrageous...
But f*ck Epic...

BayAreaBird401d ago (Edited 401d ago )

Keep saying the 30/70 split is ridiculous and stupid. Yet all the Steam fanboys dislike all my comments. As someone who actually works in the industry, all the people I work with dislike Steams 30/70.

Reefskye401d ago (Edited 401d ago )

Steam isn't 30/70 it was it's haven't been for awhile now, it is ridiculous but why do you care? Did anyone who published on epic give you a better deal? No so why should any single consumer give a damn? Point is we shouldn't they are competing for our money, if good will between two companies out to get money out of you is all it takes for your to use epic launcher and buy all your games their your a bad consumer and make it bad for every other consumer.

This hurts every single PC gamer and one company steam, yet steam won't be bothered so all it hurts us us as consumets.

BayAreaBird400d ago

We have games on Steam, it's 30/70. Epic takes 12%, we keep 88%. More money means we can make our games bigger and better by stretching the budget. 30% is a huge chunk of cash. Many small studios are always 1 game away from closing a studio. If they lose out on millions because of the ridiculous revenue split, they'll always be making games on the edge and take less risks that can actually end up being good. Also, Steam's QA is pretty much non existent. They pass poor, glitchy games on their store. Meanwhile, Epic has a QA that plays games that have to meet a certain standard to even be on their store. Better QA means less broken unpolished games and less garbage games in stores. Furthermore, if devs use UE4 and publish their games in the Epic store, their UE4 fee is wavied. Yes, you can actually make a game using an engine and make money off it without ever spending a dime on engine cost. Now, tell me how is Epic bad again?

400d ago
Hungryalpaca400d ago

Gonna go shame Nintendo, Sony and MS too?

Reefskye401d ago (Edited 401d ago )

Its not even 30/70 anymore it's something like 25/75 now, yes it's is outrageous but your publishing on a platform with the biggest install base on PC, I buy loads of paradox games, i buy all their 30 odd DLCs for all their games (which is alot) but let's be honest steam is more viable reliable has more security features and has tons and tons and tons of features that Xbox live and PSN, epic etc, can only dream of. Yet do paradox pass any sort of saving on to me if they published in epic? No so I don't give a damn how outrageous it is because no other developer has so I highly doubt paradox would either, it's why they make their own launcher.

Developers can talk all they want if they want me to buy their games form other places where they make money then pass them savings on to me but no developers does so steam can keep having its % cos it's launcher surpasses any of the other shit launchers I use on a daily basis. I won't even install epics anymore cos why should I give my money to some publisher who takes away my choice of deciding to where buy my game from.

ReelBigMike401d ago

Completely agree with them. Anyone who would not buy a game b/c they put it on Epic Store instead of Steam is lacking the common sense needed to see that if you're a developer, and you have one option where they take a 30% cut, and another option where they take a 12% cut, you'd be insane not to go with the one that lets you keep more of your revenue.

SamPao401d ago

Unless nobody wants to use your shop because its not user friendly, no features, nothing.
Then I rather go to the other one. Common sense.

rainslacker400d ago

Common sense is that people will go buy the game where it's being sold. Despite the hate for EGS on forums, the vast majority of PC gamers don't really care that much about store front loyalty. I can understand some may want the features of Steam, but in the end, most people just want to play a game, and not get involved in all the politics. As hardcore gamers, sometimes i feel we get too involved, and maybe try too hard to take a stand which isn't necessary....although I can empathize with some of the concerns surrounding the EGS debate.

BayAreaBird400d ago

Do you really expect a new online store to have all the features Steam has had time to do, all 15+ years of work in 6 months? No! What do most gamers do when they buy a game? 90% download the game and play the game. Thy don't give a damn about the forums, mods, and all the other crap on there. I know I don't and everyone I know don't care either. Most people want to play games and that is their first priority, to make games available. The rest will come later.

SamPao400d ago

@BayAreaBird I dont expect EGS to have all the features, I am just giving a reason why its not popular right now. ITS common sense. Also, neither Valve nor Epic are making games anymore that I would like to support, so to me they both are ALL IN for the money and not the games. At least epic still makes a widely used gameengine :P

TK-66400d ago

"Do you really expect a new online store to have all the features Steam has had time to do, all 15+ years of work in 6 months?"

So you're saying we should just act as though the two services are on par with with other because one day epic might have all of those features? Point is that RIGHT NOW they don't so RIGHT NOW they don't get our money.

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SegaGamer401d ago (Edited 401d ago )

Why would I want to buy my games from an inferior platform?

I'll just wait six months to a year until they are available on a platform that is actually good.

Also, the only reason why games are going exclusive on Epic's store is because Epic are throwing money at these companies. Not a single game has gone exclusive on Epic's store because of the revenue cut, not one. Another point, why would I, or you, give a damn about the revenue cut? What are we getting out of it? It's not like we are getting a better deal, games are still just as expensive on Epic's store, and in many cases, more expensive than Steam, and with less features.

The way I see it, there is no incentive to sign up to Epic's store, even if they do buy timed exclusives. I would be still be buying the game on an inferior platform, so I may as well just wait.

Hungryalpaca400d ago

Of course from a developer stand point it makes sense. How many sales are they losing though? Does it make up the losses? I’m willing to bet it doesn’t.

No one likes the EGS because it’s terrible. I’m not going to buy something on EGS because I don’t like EGS. If they stepped up their game on the launcher I wouldn’t mind using it but it’s awful. Oh and if they stop buying exclusives. Until then they can fuck off.

Kostche401d ago

and? developers went from Video game cases, manuels, disk to digital, and did gamers see fucking drop in price as all these cost was removed? NO,but yet we should feel bad for developers when they get punked

developers and publishers are both filthy grubbers, that will nickle and dime gamers at drop the hat if they can

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