NWR: Pipe Mania DS Review

NWR writes: "There is no shortage of puzzle games on the DS. Since the initial launch of the system there have been countless puzzle titles, satisfying every niche customer of the genre. One of the latest entrants, Pipe Mania, does its part in further expanding the puzzle category.

Pipe Mania has players simply completing a gap in a pipe between an entrance and an exit by placing pipe pieces on the board, thus directing the flooze and avoiding spillage. There are a few variations on this basic premise, which has remains intact from the PC original. Players are given a block of time before the flooze starts flowing to build the piping structure. Initially, the time proves more than adequate to place the required number of pipe pieces to finish the structure, but as you progress through the game the allotted time will seem far too short to complete the massive structure required. Like other grid games, such as Tetris, the piece provider is random; thus every time a level is played, a new strategy must be built."

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