Pokemon Is No Longer Game Freak's Number One Priority, Says Developer

Relying on one series is never good, unless that series is Call of Duty, FIFA, or Pokemon. Japanese developer Game Freak has been around since 1989, and since 1996 -- when it released Pokemon Red and Blue -- it has been releasing almost exclusively Pokemon games. And it's gone well for the studio.

That said, it's increasingly putting more priority on making new games, and is even prioritizing new game projects more than Pokemon at this point, according to one developer.

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MasterChief3624106d ago

If you look at sales numbers for the games, they have been going mostly down, generation after generation. There have been a couple ups, but mostly, it does seem like Pokemon in gaming is running its course at least a little bit. It would be smart for them to expand more. It's clear Pokemon's money is in the merchandise and cards.

execution17106d ago

They should give the game a break or reboot the series so they can come up with new ideas for future games

MasterChief3624106d ago

After the recent controversy of them trying something a little new and not bringing everything from the past games with them, I don't think that would go very well, haha!

AK91106d ago

Would love a Tembo sequel that game was rad.

NecrumOddBoy106d ago

I thought it was more badass😜

Outlawzz106d ago

I wish they would do something different with Pokemon. The overall formula has been stale for a while already. I'm not sure if that's Pokemon companies fault or gamefreak but it needs some stronger gameplay and story delivery.