Google Will Not Remove Games From Your Stadia Library if They Are Removed From Sale

Google's VP for Stadia has confirmed that games you buy will stay in your library, even if the game is removed from sale.

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Vits406d ago

That is how it normally goes for most other services out there. The main problem with Stadia is Google themselves, they are know for ending projects/services in the blink of a eye.

sprinterboy405d ago

The link provides pricing on EE new 5G router £75 for 100gb, so going off Phil Harrison approx 16gb of data per hour for 4k 60fps your EE data package will last you about 2 days. Especially if playing somerhing like skyrim, hzd, 80 plus hours of days gone etc.
This is why streaming services are DOA.
5/10 years from now sure but now, not a chance.

sprinterboy405d ago

What about when they close up shop after a year or so, what then, they'll keep running the servers as a good will gesture, gtfo.

Sgt_Slaughter405d ago

That's the standard, since Steam and the like already do that.

What remains to be seen is how long will this service last and what happens when it's done. I predict you'll be sh*t out of luck.

rainslacker405d ago

It's not guaranteed. It's not even in any license agreement I know about. Quite the opposite really, since the terms of service stipulate they can strip the game from you at any time for any reason.

But, most publishers and devs do understand that doing so would be detrimental to digital sales going forward, which is why it's exceedingly rare for games to be made unavailable.

sprinterboy404d ago

Gamers will still be with current systems, Sony will position themselves for steaming ps6 onwards and get things in place (4k etc) during the ps5 era (streaming is still too soon, but will happen eventually)
Ms and Sony will rule the streaming space not Google