The origins of extreme 3D action - Devil May Cry vs. God of War

"With so many awesome action games out there, I figured I'd revisit 2 iconic entries in the genre and see which one reigns supreme." - A.J. Maciejewski from Video Chums

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VideoChums758d ago

Be sure to vote for either Devil May Cry or God of War at the bottom of the article! 🎮😄

AspiringProGenji758d ago

Devil May Cry 3 was awesome but after that the series went to shit. I am glad Devil May Cry 5 brought the series back.

Overall I have enjoyed God of War more because it has been the more consistent franchise with each of its games, and who doesn’t love mythologies and killing Gods? Can’t wait to fight Jesus

AK91757d ago (Edited 757d ago )

Gotta disagree with you there on the DMC part, 4 was awesome and 2 was the series low point (I don’t count that abortion of a reboot as part of the series).

On the other hand I DESPISED both GOW3 and Ascension both made me hate the GOW series and want it to disappear, so when I first heard of the soft reboot I honestly didn’t care but after the E3 reveal I quickly changed my mind.

ShockUltraslash757d ago

GoW 1 ripped off DMC1 though.

AK91757d ago (Edited 757d ago )

Kinda of a silly comparison to make since DMC1 came out in 2001 and GOW1 came out in 2005, it might not seem like much of a time difference now but back then the character action genre had moved forward since DMC1.

A better comparison would be DMC3 which released the same year as GOW1 and imo DMC3 is far superior to GOW1.