Why Some Super Mario Maker 2 Players are Thinking About Going Back to the Original

Players dismay over the mechanical changes in the level-building sequel.

killswitch801555d ago

because they are weird is why

ZeekQuattro1554d ago

Because that's what contrarians do.

TK-661554d ago

To be fair I can see how some of these changes would really bother someone who put 100's of hours into the original.

Sgt_Slaughter1553d ago

The amount that is missing is significantly outmatched by what they added, so you're not going to have many people at all finding a problem with that.

FallenAngel19841553d ago

Well obviously more stuff was added, but that doesn’t make the stuff that was dropped any less apparent


Oh god not this crap again...same can be said for Destiny,Division,and many other sequels out there that people couldn’t adapt to...

Applejack1553d ago

I can relate to Destiny. I played the first one to death but hated the sequel. The issue here is SMM1 most likely won’t receive any more updates so as long as the fans are ok with that, then they can just keep playing the first one.

HeisenbergX1553d ago

Am i the only one who want's to get this game because of the new single player ?

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MadLad413d ago (Edited 413d ago )

I still say the series peaked with Galaxy. They've put out good stuff since then, but nothing really matched up.

Movieworld412d ago

Absolutely no way odyssey should be above either galaxy. Laughable


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iplay1up2421d ago

I hope Nintendo brings back real dungeons in BOTW 2!

deleted421d ago

Metroid certainly would be cool, but 100% Zelda dungeon maker should be the priority! It makes the most sense!

Jeriphro420d ago

The only issue with Zelda, for me, is that it won't have the same freedom of styles that Mario Marker has. Zelda 1, LttP, and the Game Boy ones could all possibly work, but Zelda also has a lot of 3D games. I guess if you limited the styles to Original Zelda, LttP, Minish Cap, and Link's Awakening, that could work. That's four different styles for a dungeon maker, but I think a Metroid Maker is closer to Mario and would probably be easier to make.

deleted420d ago

@Jeriphro Mario Maker drew mostly from its 2D roots, so I take no issue with a 2D only Zelda Maker. However, they also translated Mario 3D World elements into the 2D space, so I wouldn't mind that they do something similar with overhead Zelda games using more modern 3D elements too. A Link to the Past Remake shows how nice 3D elements can be implemented into the standard overhead Zelda view.

2D Zeldas were the games I grew up on anyways, A Link to the Past being one of my favorite games of all times! They halfway attempted a creator within the Links Awakening remake, but I'd like to see a fully realized creator. Of course though, Super Metroid was also once of my favorite games of all times so I'm dying to see a Metroid maker too. ;)

DethWish421d ago

Metroid Maker is a sweet idea

Knightofelemia420d ago

I'd go either for Metroid Maker a Zelda Maker would also be great even a Mario Kart Maker as well.