10 Best Video Game Quotes That We Will Never EVER Forget

We remember video games for a lot of reasons: gameplay, visuals, music and of course, dialogue. Here are 10 video game quotes we won't soon be forgetting.

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FalconofLucis98110d ago (Edited 110d ago )

For me its the iconic line from Auron and a quote from Victor Sullivan.

Now is the time to die and be free of pain or live and fight your sorrows.

Victor Sullivan:
Real greatness isn't the hand your dealt, its what you do with the hand youve been dealt.

FalconofLucis98110d ago

Another one I really liked is from Greyfox from MGS1 "I always fought for what I believed in".

AK91110d ago

From the top of my head

Deus Ex: “What a shame”

Deus Ex HR: “I never asked for this”


HylianMigz110d ago

"The tranquil sound of the waves does it to me every time. It makes me so sleepy. I bet the lullaby we heard in our mothers’ wombs was kinda like this. One day, we will all return to the Mother Sea…embraced by her lullaby…In due course, your time will also come to return to the sea, young man…"
NPC on the dock in Chrono Cross