Google Stadia's Data Cap Challenge Will Be Solved By ISPs, Says Phil Harrison

Stadia will demand a lot from your internet connection, but Google's VP believe internet service providers will make adjustments to enable people to enjoy the service.

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2pacalypsenow1841d ago

Yes because ISP's love to give consumers more freedom.


Nitrowolf21840d ago (Edited 1840d ago )

Yeah they love charging an arm and a leg already after your first year With prices that love to fluctuate for no reason

ISPs don’t care about giving people what they want because at the end of the day they know that in the majority of areas they’re the only company available

The only way this even remotely works is if 5G kicks off and it’s as good as they say it is, then isp would really feel the pressure since consumers can move to another. But until then they know they have a majority of their customer in a tight grip. Sure they can leave, but again the alternatives are usually none or someone who may be worse

SephirothX211840d ago

In Ireland we have a multitude of ISPs. It's very competitive and each one offers no data cap already. UK is the same. I can't see how any capitalist country wouldn't have competition in this market.

Nitrowolf21840d ago (Edited 1840d ago )


It’s different in the usa for a lot of parts. If you are lucky you can get two, but typically one is far worse than the other, but both like changing prices. Apartments are usually monopolize for just one provider.

I’ve been all over the country here, charter/Comcast/suddenlink/fro ntier love charging higher for no cap premiums. I do a lot of in-home Internet work As part of job

The main problem is that the infrastructure is old and dated, and cities typically only permit the current providers to be in, closing it off from competition. It’s why 5G is being pushed because they don’t need to run Ariel or tear up city blocks just to rerun new lines

rainslacker1840d ago (Edited 1840d ago )

That's what I was thinking. They'll solve the problem just fine. For a small fee of course. Either from Google due to net neutrality not existing anymore, or from their customers who pay for it. By a small fee I mean an exorbitant amount of course.

ISPs are already having strain on their networks, they aren't in a hurry to help all these new technologies have an easier time. They're here to profit off these technologies.

Oh look. Suddenly these sub services aren't quite as cheap or as beneficial as one might initially think.

KillMePrettyPlease1841d ago

they'll charge you a "gamer premium" add on

sprinterboy1840d ago

Yep virgin already did it here in the UK, extra £5 for VIP plus which allowed no downgrade between high peak times 5pm till 10pm. Safe to say it was scrapped after a month or so.
They'll do the same mark my words, so that's console prices going up nxt gen with tariff, ps plus and live price increases, ISP prices will go up and also games will again go up by £5.

Welcome to nxt gen

bloop1840d ago (Edited 1840d ago )

That's madness. I guess we don't have it so bad in Ireland when it comes to ISP's then. I don't think any providers have data caps anymore, 300mb is around the average speed with no congestion (Virgin provide that free of charge here) and prices are fair. Although we do get bent over a table for practically everything else.

supes_241840d ago

Pay attention, the tariffs have been removed or at least delayed. So stop your crying, now what are you gonna complain about since you know how everything will play out in the future?

Profchaos1840d ago

My ISP already does 10 bucks per month gets you a static IP and priority traffic for gaming services

deadfrag1841d ago

Is this guy for real?If anything what ISPs will do is charge people even more once you reach data caps...sometimes i think this guys VIP of gaming publishers dont live on the same Planet has we!

Barneyco1840d ago

The more I hear about Stadia, the more I think it will be DOA. It couldn't happen to a more deserving company.

BuildTheWall1840d ago

He smoked a bit too much crack.

XiNatsuDragnel1839d ago

Those Dragon scales that acnologia gave him were too strong

NovusTerminus1841d ago

I get the thought behind this, as everything moves to streaming ISP's will be put under more pressure from the customers (Netflix, Pandora, and now gaming are all streaming) so in theory they should start competing with the most, or unlimited data because consumers will flock to that.


In reality they are going to keep their data caps and just start cashing in on people going over because their kid was on Stadia until ,4AM streaming on their phone, most people will fight to pay the bill as opposed to switching services, I worked for one of the largest cell providers in the US for 4 years and people are willing to pay late / overage fee's every month then go through the hassle of switching providers.

rainslacker1840d ago

The networks are already strained, and they're already charging more for better services. Sometimes by quite a bit.

ISPs are probably the last companies I'd say are going to di this for cheap or free.

It seems as more competition comes they make it even more expensive. It's all just a game to have lower introductory prices, to hope people will stay on longer after that period ends. They expect people to switch often.

Even this whole 5g thing isnt going to bring us to the promised land, and is going to be overpriced for years, just like 4g was when it came around, because the phone companies are no better.