PSX Extreme: Eternal Poison Preview

PSX Extreme writes: "So I'm in GameStop the other day, and one of the employees there asks me if I've heard of Eternal Poison for the PS2. He knows I'm into RPGs and the like; otherwise, I'm relatively certain he wouldn't have bothered to mention it. After all, it's not going to be a major blockbuster and will only appeal to the hardcore RPG/strategy enthusiasts. However, I went home and began to look up some information on the latest Atlus effort (developed by Flight-Plan), and as it turns out, we could be looking at yet another insanely deep and intricate title for the niche fans. Granted, the title is a tad confusing – maybe it's a translation thing – but we're intrigued by the info we found, and if things go well, we'll want to squeeze it in when it releases next week. Yeah, Resistance 2 and Gears of War 2 are bound to be the centers of attention this month, but there are plenty of loyal Atlus followers out there who love franchises like Disgaea, and for them, Eternal Poison could be just the ticket."

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