PlayStation Franchises That Sony Should Revive Next | From The Legend of Dragoon to Syphon Filter

The Legend of Dragoon, SOCOM, Resistance, and Syphon Filter are a few PlayStation franchises that deserve a modern revival.

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ThatGuyDart1369d ago

I would give anything to have Dart and company come back. I have so many ideas of what they could do to bring The Legend of Dragoon back.


UltraNova1369d ago

1) Killzone or/and Resistance
2) MAG and/or Socom with proper hard core BR mode
3) Syphon Filter

bouzebbal1368d ago

The Getaway
Siphon Filter
Jade Cocoon
Mark of Kri
so much potential..

AlexanderHUN1368d ago

@UltraNova "MAG"
I see you are a man of culture as well

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rainslacker1369d ago

A proper Wild Arms instead of that mobile crap. Or Arc the Lad.

FACTUAL evidence1369d ago

Great ps5 launch:

Tomba 3
Legend of legaia remake
Legend of dragoon remake
Resistance 4
Infamous 3
Killzone 4

Platformgamer1369d ago

infamous 3 already exist tho, it's second son.
but yeah, tomba 3 and resistance 4 would be pretty neat

telekineticmantis1369d ago (Edited 1369d ago )

Definitely a modern 3rd person take on Twisted Metal, Key Moto and a game called G-Police.

Also what's your idea, because turned based is not so popular anymore.

KickSpinFilter1368d ago

God no please no Twisted Metal

Retroman1369d ago (Edited 1369d ago )

Go to you will see Legend of Dragoon coming to PS4 this year.
Edit : Jax and Daxter please!!!

shuvam091368d ago

The list of dormant Sony franchises is wayyy too big....
Sony might not be able to appease even 10% of those classics fans...

S2Killinit1368d ago

Its not about quantity, quality is what would please the fan base.

Muzikguy1368d ago

All these games people are saying are great ideas. I know it's not a Sony game but I would love to see a remake of Soul Reaver

ReVibe1368d ago

*Dart's father's voice*

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PhoenixUp1369d ago

I wish Sony would add more games to PS2 Classics for PS4

Also it seemed strange they brought Parappa the Rapper & Locoroco to PS4 but didn’t bring any other PS1 or PSP games to the system as well

blackblades1369d ago

Ikr wonder why they stopped doing that. Hope they bring something like that back on ps5.

LoveSpuds1368d ago

I would assume it wasn't financially viable to bring that kind of title to PS4, they were niche titles originally and although are beloved by those who played them originally (myself included) you have to think that audience is even smaller today.

phoenixwing1369d ago (Edited 1369d ago )

legend of dragoon remake or sequel would be appreciated, or just a new resistance or syphon filter. they should definitely remake syphon filter in an alternate timeline/dimension with different stuff going on. tazer is still the best weapon in syphon filter xD

Kados1369d ago

Prequel during the dragon campaign.

Qrphe1369d ago

I'd rather have a sequel where they fight the rest of pantheon of gods. We know there is an evil god of war (allegedly possessed Haschel' daughter) and Soa who created meant to destroy the world by creating the god of destruction.

ShadowWolf7121368d ago

I'd honestly even settle for a re-release with better localization.

WickedLester1369d ago

Legend of Dragoon
Mod Nation Racers
Jak and Daxter
Twisted Metal

Araragifeels 1369d ago

Mod Nation Racer for PS3 was a fun game but sadly, it was a underated game.

WickedLester1369d ago

Loading times killed it. But the online was a blast and so were the creation tools.

SamPao1369d ago

yup, the loadingtimes were easily the worst i have ever experienced. else the game was great. but I just could not get over the loading....

zodiac9091369d ago

Twisted metal Black 2
Motorstorm 4

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