Ex-Blizzard boss Mike Morhaime on why the studio bins 50% of its projects

From Eurogamer: "When former Blizzard boss Mike Morhaime left the company in April, he had worked at the studio he helped co-found for more than 28 years. Morhaime was at Blizzard before it was called Blizzard, when it was named Silicon & Synapse and when its employee count was three.

He decided to leave to spend more time with his family, Morhaime told an audience at Gamelab conference in Barcelona today, attended for Eurogamer by Edwin Evans-Thirlwell. The talk was hosted by GamesBeat's Dean Takahashi, and Morhaime's wife and four-year-old daughter were in the front row."

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-Foxtrot843d ago (Edited 843d ago )

“Can we make it a live service title”


“Bin it”

It’s Blizzard, not hard to see why