GamersInfo Review - Pipe Mania "Pipe Mania is about two teenage kids who set out to fix their father's island plumbing problem. The cause? A cowboy has gone completely wild and destroys all things related to pipes. It does not really make much sense, nor are the plot and characters fully fleshed out. This time, you have to worry about "flooze." What exactly is "flooze," you ask? I truly have no clue. Perhaps it turns people into floozies if they are overexposed to it. The game never answers that question. Nor does it bring its 2D characters to life. It seems rather shallow of them to take the time to create them and then just leave them hanging in the digital world without leaving any breath in them.

Graphically, the game does not push the PlayStation 2 to its limit. However, it is decently animated with its cartoon vibe. There are no jagged edges and nothing is missing. However, when the gameplay becomes hectic, the game becomes a big blur. This is mostly due to the fact that the game runs at a somewhat lower resolution than the PC version. Thus, it can become difficult to see where things are going at a glance. In certain levels, pipes interact with the connected ones. For example, in the Factory level, the pipes are all conveyer belts and start acting like one big belt. But by far the worst part is that the loading times are just too long. As previously written, this doesn't push the limit of the hardware, and as such, loading times should be short and sweet."

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