GamersInfo Review - Top Spin 3 "There are several game modes in Top Spin 3. Like most other tennis games, there are Exhibition, Career and Tournament modes. The Career mode requires you to build your own player using the player creator, which goes into an extensive amount of detail. You can customize virtually every facet of your player, including the ability to mold his or her face manually. So if you feel like you're the next Michelangelo, you can spend a fair bit of time trying to sculpt your masterpiece. After finishing the design process, you begin your career as an amateur until you win enough matches to turn pro. Winning matches rewards your player with development points that allow you to improve your player's specific skill set such as the forehand, backhand or service as well as others.

Once you have made your character and built them to your preferences, you can try your luck on Xbox Live with the World Tour mode. Each tour lasts half a month, and people from around the world compete in real tournaments to crown a champion. If you ever get tired of the normal Career mode against computer opponents or you just like to play against other people in a competitive setting, this online World Tour is a great feature that goes beyond the also available random online matchup. But before you start your quest for competitive tennis domination, it is important to learn how to play, and that is where the Top Spin School mode comes in to teach you everything you need to know."

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