Alpha Protocol Remake or Sequel? Should Microsoft & Obsidian Make it Happen?

CG writes: With recent murmurings regarding music rights in the game and who owns the IP, is it time for an Alpha Protocol remake or sequel? Obsidian Entertainment now under the wings of Microsoft could make it happen, the question is, do fans want it enough?

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zeal0us725d ago

AP close combat was terrible. The dialogue and options were good but could've used some improvements.

PhantomS42725d ago

Neither, let's leave the trash in the trash.

Profchaos725d ago

Let it burn and try a new ip

RavenWolfx724d ago

AP was a bad game that I thoroughly enjoyed. I don't expect a remake/remaster would sell well.

meka2611724d ago

I think that should do it. Game definitely had a crap ton of bugs, but the concept was sound. I like the idea of a kotor or mass effect type rpg with other elements. Just make a new one, don't remake.