Subscriptions Are About to Swallow Gaming

By now, you’ve likely felt the subscription pinch, and readied yourself for the coming escalation. Netflix, Amazon, HBO Now, Hulu, Disney Plus—it’s a mess out there! Then again, it’s nothing compared to what’s coming for gamers.

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awdevoftw27d ago

Not for me, personally. I won't be a party to any game subscription service. It's even worse than digital for me. Now you give them total control of your games.

SegaGamer27d ago (Edited 27d ago )

If you own an Xbox One, PS4 or Nintendo Switch, it's likely that you already have a subscription service. Yes, it's a bit different to what this article is talking about, but you still need it to get the most out of the games you play. Without it, you can't play online, one of the most ridiculous things ever put behind a paywall.

Cmv3827d ago

Yeah, but things like ps plus outside of paying for online haven't proven top really hurt gaming as long as the price isn't exploitive which i wouldn't say it has been. But these other sub services.... cancer to gaming

wwinterj26d ago

You don't need to pay for online to get the most out of single player games and that is what I play. I have no subscription service and intend to stay that way.

DaReapa26d ago (Edited 26d ago )

Totally agree. I'm predominantly a single player and have only subscribed to PS+ once...right at the time they introduced cloud saves, I bought a single year's subscription for the sole purpose of backing up my Demon Souls save file at the time. Haven't had a subscription since.

madpuppy26d ago (Edited 26d ago )

well, Once console gaming collapses...AGAIN! At least, at the end of the day there will still be the reliable old PC gaming...

nucky6426d ago

it's not the same thing at all, segagamer. and i don't buy PSplus to play online. (only online game i play is world of tanks and i can play that on ps4 without plus) i buy plus for other perks like free games every month, game discounts and beta invites - it's a great deal. i think you're comparing apples and oranges here.

SegaGamer26d ago (Edited 26d ago )


No, it's not a great deal. You're not getting free games, discounts and beta invites, you are paying for them. The games you get with PS+ are rented and disappear if you ever unsubscribe, there is nothing free about any of these perks. You have been fooled into thinking it's a good deal. Also, you and a few others may well not play Playstation games online, but that doesn't change the fact that you still need a subscription to do it (for non free to play games) if you want to.

Sorry, but this is not a good deal, I can get all of this on PC for free, including free games which I get to keep. Pretty much everything paid for with these Xbox, Playstation and Nintendo subscriptions are the most basic features.

The whole is it a good deal or not wasn't the point of the argument anyway. The point is that some people are saying they won't subscribe to any game subscriptions when the fact is that most of them already are.

UltraNova26d ago (Edited 26d ago )

For sometime now I was worried that physical will be at great risk these coming years. It looks like I was wrong. The industry got gready all at once and have unintentionally revealed the ugly truth. Out of 10 gamers how many can afford to pay for Netflix, Hulu, Gamepass, Ubi and EA and maybe even Stadia subs, all at once? Adding oil to the fire, Nintendo, Sony and Activision's similar sub services are a matter of when not if at this point, hell even Apple is joining the fray. To make matters worse what stops Valve and Epic from introducing a sub on their platforms when everyone and their mothers are doing it?

As soon as gamers feel the vice of several subs crushing their wallets they'll realise what they cant right now, that physically buying and owning the games you actually want to play is the only way to save money and keep owning your library for as long as you want (Offline enabled games, of course).

Some can see this today others will be forced to sooner rather than later. I pray to GOD that enough people see this and keep supporting physical, its the only way game Corps will not dare try and touch it.

bouzebbal26d ago

I have ps now and I love it.. Works very well.
Wish they could work on the user interface but the technology works

milohighclub26d ago (Edited 26d ago )

@madpuppy. You really think PC is immune xD xD poor fool.

@UltraNova been digital for the most of this gen, when I saw Bethesda and ubi announce their sub services I vowed to back to physical. Like you say they all got greedy at once. EA, bethesda, ubisoft all seem hellbent on ruining gaming.

They're not happy with the ungodly amounts of cash they're getting, they'll run this industry into ground trying to squeeze it dry.
I don't think boycotting subs will be enough, we're the minority on this site and boycotting wont be enough for it to fail as the casuals are gonna eat this shit up.

UltraNova26d ago


I don't care about boycotting anything tbh. All I want is enough of us to stick to physical in order to show we are a market that cannot be messed with, ensuring its future.

SheenuTheLegend26d ago

why people put ps plus as an exception when it comes to subscriptions.i m also a die hard ps fan but i hate these kind of practices no matter what.
wake up people please for the sake of gaming.

Cobra95126d ago (Edited 26d ago )

You only need to subscribe to an online-gaming service if you play online. It costs nothing extra to buy games online, or play them offline forever. That has nothing to do with this story, which instead deals with having to pay monthly or yearly fees just to be able to play, and continue playing games--any games under such services.

Cobra95126d ago (Edited 26d ago )

"The point is that some people are saying they won't subscribe to any game subscriptions when the fact is that most of them already are. "

SegaGamer, you're bringing a dead horse into a stable where the resident horse is still very much alive. We know about having to pay to play online on consoles. That has nothing to do with paying forever just to be able to play games, period. Please don't muddy the waters by conflating these two separate things, particularly when what's under discussion now is much worse.

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fiveby927d ago

Fewer subscriptions in my life are preferable. Everyone wants their perpetual hand in your wallet every month. It's like death by a thousand cuts. I pay for PS+ but that's it as far as gaming goes. I'll just buy the games outright if I like them, usually waiting for a sale price. Why keep paying for a game in perpetuity?

Muzikguy26d ago

I don't have Plus but this is what I feel as well and why I would rather just pay for physical copies. I have bought some online during sales but I'd much rather have physical when possible

Unspoken26d ago

That's exactly what you can do now. You can try a slew of games you want and then buy what you want to keep when or if they are on sale. Sign up again later. It's odd because TV and Music just went through a massive transition from cable and CD's to online streaming, but who is out there saying,"You aren't taking away my DVD!, Not today!"

We have to keep dragging the caboose to move forward. People are complaining about Epic's store vs Steam when you can actually play your games offline, straight from the executable if you wanted to. Herd mentality can lead to stagnation.

locomorales27d ago

You won't have an option. Or you subscribe or you keep playing retro games forever.

And I know a lot of people will argue that they have some kind of divine morality and they will stay with old games. But when a new game is out I will wait to see the true behavior.

Shikoku27d ago

Good thing I have every console I've ever owned since 1984 so retro on gaming soldier

Livingthedream27d ago

Well the majority of console gamers already subscribe to something. Whether it's live, ps plus, or Nintendo's service. It is what it is

crazyCoconuts27d ago

I don't see any indication that we won't have an option to buy games outright in the future. It may be digital instead of physical, but I don't see subscription replacing purchase. It's still just another option.

rainslacker26d ago

I look at it as the opportunity to finally get to my back log. If new games go sub, then I'll just stop gaming, or maybe get the subs when they're super cheap. I believe in getting what I pay for, and if I am only getting the chance to play those games with my money, then I'm not really getting much at all.

Muzikguy26d ago

I would hope that we will always have the option to buy outright. It seems that a company would get more of your money that way as opposed to dividing it up hundreds of times. I too would stop gaming.if it was full sub or even full digital just to play. Subs you own nothing

nucky6426d ago

there's an option - quit gaming. i enjoy it but i also have a full life outside of gaming. i could live without it.

gam3r_4_lif326d ago (Edited 26d ago )

Hypocrites on N4G surely not.

Cobra95126d ago (Edited 26d ago )

I doubt that's true. There will always be good games released in the traditional way. Either that, or I'm with rainslacker. I have a hell of a backlog.

This has nothing to do with morality (Señor Morales). It's about the value of money. Playing a game isn't worth paying for it forever, and ownership is worth a lot more than renting.

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Shikoku27d ago

Exactly, not to mention every dev wants to have their own subscription service to be the first in line to get your money and I don't want any part of it.

supes_2427d ago

Me either. I don’t even pay for PS+ anymore. I don’t play MP so there was no point for me to pay for that. I won’t pay to access GaaS, I don’t that stupid. The games change monthly or so, and by the time they remove a game, I won’t be finished playing it. Not sure if the game stays forever but, it takes me a long time to beat a game with family and work. So I’m not sure how the gaming future looks for me

Kornholic27d ago

It's even worse than digital, exactly. I tried to play a Game Pass game but couldn't because my internet was down at the moment.

Gunstar7527d ago

I dont see the problem. Gamepass is fantastic value. I've played games in would never have bought at retail. That's great for developers, especially smaller ones.

At the end of the day, there is absolutely nothing stopping you from still buying your games physically.

I do both. And I do both with movies and music

rainslacker26d ago

I think they're fine as a supplemental service like they are now. But as a primary method for delivering and playing games for across the board, it's really lacking and limited, not to mention expensive if you want to have access to everything. As of now, physical and digital provide access to everything for the most part.

Zeref27d ago (Edited 27d ago )

Cool, for me personally I'd rather have 200+ games to play for $15 a month than spend $60 on every game, games that i may not even like or play through more than once.

I will buy my favorites and play the rest on GamePass. That's my take.

gam3r_4_lif326d ago (Edited 26d ago )

Yup that is my take too. Game pass is for trying games I would not normally play if I had to buy them. It has a lot of gems.

I will still buy the games I really want to play that are not on that service. But now that all MS first party games are releasing in GP its just too good a deal to pass up. I extended mine for 3 years for a dollar, I mean its insane value. I will re-evaluate in 3 years. The deal is still available I would recommend you take advantage while you still can.

But only the most diehard fanboy would argue that the output of all MS studios both new and old over the next 3 years is not worth a buck

jukins27d ago (Edited 27d ago )

@awdevoftw but I bet you're subscribed to 1 if not multiple video streaming services. How is that any different.

Probably best to not try so hard to be trendy.
And hell I do my gaming primarily through gamefly even if I paid full price every month I'd still spend only about $250 which is basically 4 games bought outright but I'm playing way more than 4.

Subscriptions are coming unless you want to be strictly a retro gamer you better hop on the bandwagon. So what it gives them more control because honestly theblicensing agreement gives them more control than you realize. They have that control now. . . . An online game doesnt have a playerbase its killed. If they really wanted to they could even disable your physical copy if you're connected to the net as I said it's all in the agreement that we have been just licking accept without reading it. I mean even ea access is good deal regardless of how you hipsters feel about it theres a ton of free games including recent releases and always the current year sports titles a few months after their release. It's coming gonna be interesting to see how attitudes change over time.

awdevoftw27d ago

So, I'm not subbed to any video services, but that is besides the point. Here's where the pointlessness of this sub is. Let's say I try a game and enjoy it. It's not going to stay on the sub forever, so I'm forced to get a physical copy if I want to play it again. So now I'm paying to demo games. I get that people find value in the amount of games offered, but really, you are going to be playing ones you like or want to revisit. It's just pointless to me, personally.

shaggy230326d ago


If you like a game on Games Pass you can buy the digital version for something like 20% off the store price.

jukins26d ago

Umm youre reaching hard. Most sub services offer cheaper price digital downloads. Even ea access does this and all you hipsters hate them. And another example as I stated I use gamefly and I got both blood and truth and everyone's golf through my subscription and I just clicked "keep it" and played $35 for both games they sent me the cases and the next two games on my list.

So you're example is kinda useless as I said basically every sub service offers the ability to download and at a cheaper price.

Jaces26d ago

Gaming industry is going the way of tv show/movie streaming services. You get the base subscription then each publisher has their own subscription you'll be paying on top of the base subscription ie. HBO, Starz, Disney, DC, etc. No fucking thank you. I'll buy my games as a physical copy until I can't anymore, then I'll just pirate the shit. Fuck 'em.

esherwood26d ago

Netflix is losing tons and tons of money every month, games are more expensive so without over the top micro transactions these services won’t work

RosweeSon26d ago

Exactly not if you don’t subscribe I for one have ps+ and Nintendo online subscriptions and that is it nothing else for me thanks.

badz14926d ago

PS+ is the only subs I'm currently paying and that's already 1 too many for me. I won't subscribe to another. the day I can't buy a game I like without subscribing to a service is the day I'll retire gaming altogether or just stick to my old consoles. there is a mountain of backlogs waiting for my visit

DillyDilly26d ago

The question is will people take kindly for MORE subscriptions ? This might be what crashes Gaming

nucky6426d ago

i'm with you, awdevoftw! i enjoy gaming but don't HAVE to do it. there is no way i'll go the subscription route.

Orionsangel26d ago

They get you with the online gaming. If you wanna play online you're forced on to a subscription service.

ScootaKuH26d ago

Yup I couldn't agree more. So your internet goes down and you lose all access to your games. And what's to stop the likes of Google removing games from the service if they're unpopular? They shouldn't be able to dictate when you can and cannot access games

milohighclub26d ago

One day, you wont have a choice. It will be sub or quit mate.

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thexmanone27d ago

Your so special, Your IP has been reported

Brave_Losers_Unite27d ago (Edited 27d ago )

Because working around an IP address is so difficult /s

RomanPSX27d ago

thexmanone - how it affects you? I dont understand "people" like you. Is the money coming out of your pocket? Please explain how directly affects you?

thexmanone26d ago


Stealing is wrong, No it doesn't affect me. It effects the people who put all that hard work into making the game, then get it stolen by some cheap [email protected]@ low life gamer. His IP has been reported

fiveby926d ago

Reported for what? Reported for making a comment?

Brave_Losers_Unite26d ago (Edited 26d ago )


You know you sound stupid when you say you reported an IP. You know you are full of shit too. i rEpOrTeD aN iP aDdReSs fRoM n4G

Fluttershy7726d ago (Edited 26d ago )

hahaha the Teen police is here. Go teen police, show him!

rainslacker26d ago (Edited 26d ago )

Lol. I dont condone piracy, but you aren't sounding as scary as you think by saying his ip is reported....mostly because saying your going to pirate isnt illegal, nor do ISPs really care what their customers download. They aren't in the business to protect copyrights

Oh, and you shouldn't know his ip anyways.

XtraTrstrL26d ago

You prolly have torrent software running right now, downloading something. Just stop.

Blade9226d ago (Edited 26d ago )

@thexmarone Boo you suck😒. Reported.

CDbiggen26d ago

Oof, that's pretty damn sad bro.

obidanshinobi26d ago

You're, not your.
Your IP has been reported to the Grammar Police.

Hungryalpaca26d ago

Hahaha thanks for the laugh. An IP means literally nothing.

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locomorales27d ago

You can't pirate if you don't have access to the code and that code is made for a platform that you can't get.

Shikoku27d ago

Yeah it's not like people are still playing PS2 online games portions.....oh yeah they are eventually people figure it out and it will happen it always does.

Cobra95126d ago (Edited 26d ago )

True. That's why I refuse to buy any game--ANY GAME--that requires going online to work. I don't want online games on my systems even if I can get them for free. No one controls what I play but me.

Shikoku, the point he's making is valid. Some games keep some or all of their functionality server-side. That means that someone else always controls who gets to play them and how; and pirating to get full control of them is usually not possible.

stglt27d ago

More choice is better for everyone.

Gardenia27d ago

Yes, because if every game company puts their games behind a subscription you only need to pay 10 times 15 bucks to have access to all games.

Add to that all other subscriptions you use and only the rich people can enjoy it.

gam3r_4_lif326d ago

You can still buy the games you want when did anyone say they would stop allowing you to do this? Plus most of you guys love exclusives aka games locked behind a paywall.

Are you now arguing for all games to be on all devices if so thats great

arkard26d ago

If you don't think subscription only is coming you're a fool. They will use this to say more subscribers than physical copies sold, cost savings to not produce physical copies, blah blah blah and then we have subscription only gaming

sander970227d ago

GAS is not a choice it's the end of gaming, say goodbye to the free market and all good that came with it do you really think one time purchase games can compete with the game passes.
Games will be even less fun and even more addicting in the GAS future, stories will be even more generic to fit the rules of the game pass makers, all trace of invention and intuitive gameplay will be lost.
It's all going to be Fortnite clones, "Anthems" and the sort which are made to make you buy in-game items.

StormSnooper27d ago (Edited 27d ago )

And by “option” you mean the option to choose whether to add the Sports package or the Premium package. And if you sign up for a 2 year contract, you will also get the optional promotional deal that then expires within a year and we charge you at the regular rate from then on. Yay options!