Breath Of The Wild Is Getting A Sequel Because The Team Had Too Many DLC Ideas

Breath of the Wild is getting a sequel because the team had too many ideas for downloadable content, Zelda series producer Eiji Aonuma told me last week in Los Angeles. We also talked about how the Link’s Awakening remake came about, why Zelda games haven’t offered button remapping, and work conditions at Nintendo.

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NecrumOddBoy122d ago

BOTW's. DLC sucked. Maybe the team will come up with ideas like dungeons, key items or ... I don't know.... how about an actual story !?.

prankster101122d ago

Bet most of those ideas involved recycling old content...

Neonridr122d ago

because Zelda games have always been about recycling content? Usually each Zelda game is vastly different from the previous ones in plenty of ways. This game being a prime example.

GameBoyColor122d ago

God of war 2 will be recycled content

zacfoldor122d ago

You mean like Majora's Mask or Super Mario Galaxy 2?

Sirk7x121d ago

It depends how those assets are used. Majora's Mask was a vastly different game than OoT, and it used the same assets and engine.

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EddieNX 122d ago

You've got to love the BOTW haters on this site.


UltraNova122d ago

Prove them why they are wrong then...

Neonridr122d ago

why do we have to prove them wrong? The game was GOTY and has sold how many millions of copies and has been universally praised by most gaming and media sites?

Why should I have to tell some insecure fanboy that they are wrong when the proof is in the pudding.

Myst-Vearn122d ago

@Neonridr, what you said only proves that BOTW is a widely loved game. It doesn't counter the argument that the sequel is going to re-use many assets and not feel like a fresh new Zelda game.

Gamehard122d ago

Isn't that what any direct sequel does? Why criticize one game for doing it just because of its popularity when literally every franchise does it?

zacfoldor122d ago

Everyone has their own opinion. It usually can't be proven right or wrong. However, accolades from publications, aggregate review score, and sales exist as metrics. I wonder how BotW2 will sell, how many accolades it will get, and what the metacritic score will be? We can't tell yet.

zacfoldor122d ago

@Myst Majora's Mask did the same thing, and it's one of the best games of all time, no? Yes, it's an asset flip. Yes, Nintendo is the best developer in the world with asset flips, if not the best developer in the world period, so I wouldn't worry about the quality here.

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EddieNX 122d ago

What Neonridr said.

It's one of the best games I've ever played, so i know first hand how good it is.

This site is full of people who like to bash Nintendo for a hobby aka trolls. Their opinion doesn't quite correlate with that of review scores and normal gamers.

-Foxtrot122d ago

Oh for the love of God Man

You literally said a week ago that anyone who criticises it is a troll and hasn’t played it

It’s delusional now, you feel attacked when no one has said a thing.

prankster101122d ago

"Normal gamers" aren't renowned for being Nintendards...

rainslacker121d ago

Yeah, it wasn't like you weren't there putting down Horizon: Zero Dawn which was just as good, if not better in some ways, because you couldn't stand that two games could possibly be good.

-Foxtrot122d ago

Here we go

Every Zelda article...

So insecure

Fraggle1987122d ago

Recycled content coming no doubt.

Lighter9122d ago

Now, if people would just acknowledge that MM was also recycled content/assets from OoT.

TheFirstClassic122d ago

Most all sequels have recycled content. Uncharted, gears, god of war, cod, it isn't a bad thing, this allows games to be made faster.

Myst-Vearn122d ago

No, BOTW is getting a sequel because it's an easier less costly way to make more money by reusing the assets they already have.

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The story is too old to be commented.