EA thinks gaming subscriptions will lead to weirder, more creative games

But there will be some failures along the way

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TheGameDeflators31d ago

I am so sick of hearing about new streaming services. They need to give it a rest.

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Rude-ro31d ago

Free money.
I mean, ea has offered less and less content on their releases... but if you give them $10 a month, they promise to eventually not offer less content per game and might even get creative. 🤔😂

milohighclub31d ago (Edited 31d ago )

It will lead to a future where gamers have to fork out over £100 a month in gaming services. No doubt EA and co will try to make games they publish exclusive to their subscription. Unfortunately its dark times ahead for gaming.

Edit. And by failures they mean they're gonna try every possible option to nickle and dime customers along the way.

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Cmv3831d ago

And I'll repeat what I've said before.... Sony tried to save us from this future.

FilthyWeeb31d ago

How on earth did Sony "try to save us from this future"? They've got streaming/subscription services of their own...

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slate9131d ago

Lol stop being biased, holy geeze.

JackBNimble31d ago

So don't support services you are apposed of .

Godmars29031d ago

Tell that to the general consumer which this is aimed at.

JackBNimble31d ago

I will never pay for a sub , it's just pretty obvious not to support this shit.
Don't worry, all those casual gamers are probably going to jump on the stradia bandwagon anyway.

Samus70730d ago

Let me translate this for you:
Expect lots more SocJus, Trannies and anti-white propaganda (ie netflix) because sales no longer matter.

AK9130d ago

Ugh I wish I could dispute you but I honestly can’t.

Cmv3831d ago

Or it will lead to more derivative cash grabs. What incentive is there to push gaming forward? Fans no longer vote with their wallets, and just merely trying a game counts as a positive. Seems like this path, and please excuse the slippery slope, will only lead to the death of consoles, innovation, and imagination.

crazyCoconuts31d ago

But just because the sub options exist doesn't mean customers will go for it. Like the premise that just because these more niche games are in the service we'll invariably play them. Economically, if the barrier to us trying these games has been the cost then yes, the sub might change what we play. But for those of us that like polished AAA games, as long as we can afford it we'll keep buying them. Our limit isn't money, it's time, and just because there's a subscription service available that won't change that.

milohighclub31d ago

What about when every publisher has their own subscription with their own exclusives. You gonna buy every sub? We got it lucky now, buy a playstation and you can pretty much play the majority of releases. Imagine having to sub to 10 different services just to get access to the library you have access to now. Then you'll probably need to upgrade to the premium services to play half the game.

Theres gonna be some shady attempts at screwing people over these coming years, Also if every publisher has their own service what incentive is there to regulate the cost? Or game quality? People will be drawn to a hand full of services based on their favourite games. Imagine bethesda being able to launch f76 quality of games into their own ecosystem, update them how and when they want charge what they want etc.

Its going to fundamentally fuck up the industry and from one gamer to another, please don't support this future.

crazyCoconuts31d ago

@milo, I'd say as long as gamers are willing to pay for games outright, and the publishers continue to make money, that avenue will continue to exist. If you don't find a subscription based service that works for you, don't subscribe. As long as there's enough of us with the same mind, we won't get screwed.

zeetheron31d ago

Nobody cares what EA thinks

Godmars29031d ago

Sadly, because of their position in the industry, you have to.

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