EA insists, again, that FIFA does not have dynamic difficulty adjustment

Despite its patents, EA says its dynamic difficulty adjustment tech is not used in FIFA.

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Nacho_Z774d ago

Bad enough having to battle against the scripting in FIFA and PES but their insistence it's not in the game shows a lack of respect. I've been playing PES since ISS Deluxe on the SNES and I can read their games like a book.

rainslacker773d ago

Maybe it's just bad scripting and AI in the game itself? I know it's hard to believe, but it's EA Sports. They aren't exactly known for advanced AI or amazing scripting. They're good at animations and graphics, and gimmicky ways to try and make it a good marketing point that you're actually playing like real players, but beyond that, not so much.

In any case, basic difficulty adjustments aren't uncommon in a lot of games, and they are annoying many times....especially with things like rubber banding in racing games....but why does it have to be this new thing, and not just something else that doesn't have a fancy term attached to it?

Focus on the result of a poor implementation meant to drive an outcome, as opposed to the tech they used to implement it.