Grandia HD Collection E3 2019 Switch footage

Check out some direct-feed footage of Grandia HD Collection running on Switch.

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KaaF32d ago

Seeing the Game Arts logo really brings a lot of emotions, rip Takeshi Miyaji.

Fluttershy7732d ago (Edited 32d ago )

Well how about that?

Aclancy8332d ago

Unfortunately there will be no physical release. Would have gladly paid extra for one, and even more for a limited edition of some sort. A lot of us jrpg fans will have a hard time picking up games that we can play through other means when it's not releasing in physical form. I'm still looking forward to this, the more jrpgs on the switch the better but this will not be a day one purchase for me. Either a sale or load it up on my hacked switch via emulation.

ZeekQuattro32d ago

Apparently the team behind the game is just waiting for the approval process from Nintendo. Hopefully won't be much longer. I've been itching to play Grandia II again.

Dizzy1152332d ago

Great game. Looking forward to going through them again.

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