Marvel’s Avengers May Need Some Saving - OnlySP

Marvel’s Avengers looks like it has more problems than just lackluster visuals. Hopefully a strong foundation will be enough for Crystal Dynamics to turn things around. Check out OnlySP’s thoughts on the game’s E3 demo.

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MikeCripe1825d ago
FallenAngel19841825d ago

I just hate how much this clearly apes the MCU. If they were going for the original 5 Avengers with the addition of Captain America that would’ve been fine, but Wasp is nowhere to be seen while Black Widow is prominently featured.

Of all the characters they could’ve chosen to be one of the first faces audiences see when this was unveiled, it just had to be a character who wasn’t even that big a member of the team in the comics but definitely was so in the movies.

I’d have more faith in it if it tried to go for its own style. I’m not against shoutouts here and there, but this clearly looks as close to a movie-tie in game as you could get without actually being one.

-Foxtrot1825d ago

Yeah they should have went for the comic for more inspiration yet they are clearly influenced by the MCU despite them saying it's the games own thing.

They look like cheap knock offs of the MCU actors playing them in the films, I want them to look more like their comic counter parts. Like I saw Hank Pym in a trailer and he's old, like in the films, but in the comics he came before Scott Lang so why not have the original Avenger team but with Captain America since he didn't come until a few issues later

Captain America, Iron Man, Thor, Hulk, Ant Man, The Wasp

Then add Black Widow, Hawkeye, Quick Silver, Scarlet Witch, Hercules, Black Panther, Vision and Black Knight later

abstractel1824d ago

I hear what you are saying but I got two thoughts:

a) Ant Man and The Wasp would technically be really difficult. If they were in their own game, you could justify spending the development costs on it.

b) There's a whole generation that aren't even that aware of the comics. However, Captain America and Iron man, Thor and Hulk would be enough to bring the crowds.

Unfortunately, for me, I really dislike the way most of them look. Ironman and Hulk look fine, but the rest look awful. That does make an impact.

Making a game like this requires a massive budget and needs to meet massive expectations so I don't envy the developers.

Hardiman1825d ago (Edited 1825d ago )

I agree and would've preferred a more comic inspired interpretation but with how popular thd MCU movies are with the general public they are probably hoping to bring in some of those with recognition.

shaun mcwayne1825d ago

The character skins look dull and drab because, we get to buy the shiny fancy colourful ones on release, for the special price of a years worth of dlc. Come on nothing is free in the gaming multiverse. Fornite is free too guys. Lol. Tell that to the poor parents hows back accounts got emptied. What kind of games put enough micro transactions, to not just lower your bank balance, but clear it out. Free game for the win.

THC CELL1825d ago (Edited 1825d ago )

Should give it to Insomniac

SCW19821824d ago

One of the Directors of Uncharted Lost Legacy is directing this game. I have every trust in him that he will do right by this IP.

AshleeEmerson1824d ago

I guess I'm the outcast here because I love what I seen on the gameplay. The fighting seems fluid, the way they switch seems awesome and the scenes themselves seem constantly cinematic. Maybe I'll know for sure when they show direct footage but as of now even from the off screen for this, it looks pretty awesome me. Perhaps a bit shallow but...

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Why the gradual death of the console exclusive makes business sense

And why Lego Horizon Adventures is coming to Switch.

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Community14h ago
phoenixwing14h ago

Depends really. Like for example I moved onto pc so sony is missing out on the thousands I spend on games where they take a cut in the walled garden while most casuals won't do what I did and they'll make money. So it all depends how many die hard spenders switch to pc or just stay with sony

VariantAEC8h ago

Congrats on graduating to the platform that has the potential for offering the best HW and worst experience with fewer high quality games.

A great decision there, really!

Shiore2u6h ago(Edited 6h ago)

"Worst and fewer", he brazenly says while going through a consistent drought half-way through his branded low frame upscale machine's lifecycle.

abstractel13h ago

Exclusives absolutely make sense. Nintendo, for an example, needs to keep exclusives to sell their consoles. So does Sony to a large extent. Xbox is just falling behind so much on the hardware front that they are trying a somewhat modified approach but they are still going to be producing exclusives if they are going to be producing new Xbox generations.

So far Sony has taken a good approach to PC, but so far the PS5 era hasn't been my favorite Sony era. Hasn't been bad, but not great. I hope that this is being rectified.

porkChop11h ago(Edited 11h ago)

I'm not disagreeing that exclusives are important, but I just want to point out that Nintendo is a special case. Nintendo needs their bread and butter exclusives because they don't have all the larger multiplatform games. For nearly two decades they've had slow, underpowered hardware that simply couldn't play the vast majority of 3rd party games.

So their fanbase has been conditioned to buy Nintendo hardware for pretty much only Nintendo's 1st party exclusives. If Nintendo were to start launching their games on PC very few would buy their hardware because Nintendo has nothing else to offer. They don't even have a competent, proper online network to satisfy the needs of online/competitive gamers. They also don't have a mature, built-up ecosystem to offer people like they do on PS, Xbox, Steam, etc. The only thing Nintendo can leverage is the fact that you need their hardware to play their games. That's it. It'll be interesting to see if that changes with the Switch 2.

generic-user-name3h ago

Sick of seeing people make exceptions for Nintendo. As a PlayStation fan, I've been conditioned by Sony to buy their hardware for both strong 1st party exclusives and strong 3rd party support. Both can be done but Nintendo gets a pass for only doing one because they are the industry darlings.

Knightofelemia13h ago

Too me it's just another goofy Lego game no different then the last Lego games. I think Sony putting it on Switch they are just trying to make some extra cash. It's not like Sony is actually porting Horizon on the actual Switch. It's a kid friendly game no different then Lego Batman, Lord of the Rings, Lego Star Wars. Sony owns the IP they can pretty much do what ever they want with Aloy. And there is no death to the console exclusive. Microsoft putting exclusives on other platforms is to make money. Porting exclusives to other platforms breathes new life into that franchise, opens the doors to new fans, and gives that franchise a new breath of air. Instead of sitting on the shelf collecting dust.

VariantAEC7h ago(Edited 7h ago)

I guess people are having real difficulties understanding how licensing like this works (not you, but the two disagress as I write this). Lego is not owned by PS. PS also doesn't have the publishing rights to Lego games. PS agreed to allow their IP to be represented via Lego sets back in 2022. PS probably only makes a small royalty off those because it's PS' IP represented through the property of another company.

This game is basically the same thing. PS provides the permission and oversees development so that their IP isn't mishandled and they make a small cut off the partnership to increase exposure of their IP. PS looks good, Lego looks good the game comes out on PS5, Switch and probably PC day 1. But in the end this isn't a PS game it's a game made by another publisher with permission and there was an agreement to put the game out on multiple consoles.

Its skipping Xbox and some see this as being a PS request seeing as how the game is coming to Switch we know there are zero technical reason it wouldn't come to Xbox... but the other more likely reason the game is skipping Xbox is probably because Lego knows their games underperform on Xbox platforms and decided against the more expensive development route, which would likely have a low ROI anyway. Maybe the game will come to Xbox consoles at a later date?

[Edit: Separated this wall of text into 3 paragraphs at sentence 5 and 10. Removed a stray "so" in sentence 10.]

Petebloodyonion13h ago

I appreciate the panel video featuring Layden, Pachter, and Burnham, where they provided insightful comments on the reasons behind the current business model's shortcomings.
For instance, discussing why companies have become risk-averse and how continually soliciting additional funds from the same audience ultimately fails to yield outstanding results.

Since the event was featured on IGN LIVE, it is highly possible that there were financial incentives from Microsoft and IGN for certain mentions.