E3 proved that video game publishers want to become Netflix

With the first details coming out around the next Xbox and PlayStation, you might expect those upcoming consoles to be the buzz of this year’s E3. But instead, subscription services have become the talk of the show, as seemingly every console maker and game publisher looks to shift the way that games are sold.

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Sharingan_no_Kakashi35d ago

I'm not entirely disgusted by the idea. I know people like to own copies of their games, i really do understand that. But I'm a minimalist. I hate clutter. And I play alot of games so my physical collection is getting out of control. I'd much rather download games if they're small enough. If I can stream a game with little to no input lag I'd much rather do that. No downloading, no clutter. A monthly fee to play any game I want or pay to stream specific games. I'm here for it.

Yi-Long35d ago

The problem/danger would be, like what we kinda see happening with the Epic store, is that certain games could be released exclusively for 1 streaming service, which, if you'd want to play that game, you'd have to get a subscription.

Another problem is the price. Ubisoft will have it's own subscription service (a ridiculous 15 bucks a month), EA already has a subscription service, obviously Game Pass and PS Now, etc etc. Seems a bit much.

As long as we can still buy the games and have options, I don't mind the idea of subscriptions. It's not really for me, but I can see the benefits of a Game Pass for certain gamers/customers (like a family with kids where instead of having your kids beg for new games all the time, you can simply subscribe to GP and let them enjoy that ...)

Sharingan_no_Kakashi35d ago

I don't see that as being much different than games being released exclusively for one console. I can see how having to pay separate monthly/yearly fees for every publisher would be a problem though. That would add up. But if Sony made a streaming only console where every publisher had to be under their streaming umbrella to release games for the console I'd be for that. I'd pay up to 60 bucks a month for that. I spend about 60 bucks a month on games anyway. 15 bucks for just Ubisoft games is ridiculous though.

meep31635d ago

You’re right sharingan, it is pretty much the same as being exclusive to a single consoles or operating system. It will suck for customers until there are only a few choices left. Same thing happened in the early days of pc and console gaming, eventually things sorted themselves out.

Prince-Ali35d ago

@Sharingan & Meep

The things you guys are ignoring is when ALL games are exclusive their own streaming service... EA have their own streaming service, Sony, MS, Google and now Ubisoft.. what happens when these subscription services get sooo popular (which is the hope by everyone launching one obvo) and one Sub service owner for example Ubisoft turn around and say you can ONLY play Ubisoft games on their streaming service.. So now you as the customer will have to buy an extra Sub Service ontop of your PS Now or Xbox GP and EA then see the success and say the same and then Activision (they're no doubt eventually gonna join) do the same thing... now you HAVE to have mutiple Sub services concurrently being paid for at the same time...
Sub Services are a fallacy, they ARE NOT competing with eachother they all aid eachother in one thing and that's taking your money

Zeref35d ago (Edited 35d ago )

For the exclusive argument. I don't think it will ever come to that. You will always be able to buy games outright.

I don't think having multiple subscription options is bad.

If you play mostly Xbox games get GamePass and just buy the rest of the games.
Same goes for Ubisoft, EA and PSNow.
You can also just sub for 1 month, cancel and play/ finish the game within the month. Thats what i'm planning to do to save money.

It would be pretty stupid to have 4 subscriptions running concurrently at the same time since you're not gonna have time to play all of them.

If every publisher is gonna have a subscription service. You're not gonna find me paying $60 for a game again. Unless it's like a multiplayer game that i play a lot that isn't included with gamepass or collectors editions of my favorite franchises

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Zeref35d ago

The Xbox ecosystem seems to be the most attractive for this.
Want to stream? You can set up your console to stream to your phone or laptop anywhere you want for free. Maybe you don't have strong upload speeds. well you can use xCloud which is already bundled with your GamePass ultimate subscription.
Want to play offline? Download it to your console. Want to own your games? Buy it at a discount and play it on your console or stream it.
If xCloud ever fails and gets shutdown. You can just buy a $150 console and keep playing the games that you bought.

Stadia has way too many challenges:

Need to build a whole new library. Who wants to pay $60 for a game that relies on streaming?
No physical console = If the service ever stops. You lose all the games you paid for(there is no console to fall back on) and you can't play offline with no latency.
Limited Selection of games. There's gonna be like 40 games at launch.
No GamePass like subscription service.

These are all very hard to solve problems. I just can't see it as anything else but Dead on Arrival.

meep31635d ago

So they want to lose billions every year?

xer035d ago (Edited 35d ago )

My thoughts exactly. Netflix is losing billions.
Also, when you look at Google Stadia - you are paying more than a Netflix subscription and then purchasing video games through the Stadia store front on top of that.

Netflix doesn't charge for each tv show, film or documentary I watch, on top of the subscription.
That works.

slapedurmomsace35d ago

I like owning my games. It's a personal choice. And data caps are going to become an issue period. Cable companies that own the major back bone of the infrastructure (at least in the USA) are going to re-coup their losses from cord cutters one way or another. Welcome to at home tier'd internet prices. Everything is streaming and the consumer will be screwed for it. And no 5G is not going to help anything. When and if Sprint and T-mobile merge....well just go look at Canada's wireless industry to see how that works out.

meep31635d ago (Edited 35d ago )

You don’t own your games, you own a license to play them. Huge difference, if you own the game you can make copies of it, and even sell copies. I think you mean you want a permanent license.

xer035d ago

Just like dedicated online multi-player servers... their is a risk that certain games can be dropped if they aren't fit for future server hardware upgrades.

These games will need continued support, to stand the test of time.

Currently, developers write code for 1 system once and sell a hard copy. The lines are blurred a little with this generation, but the practice is set to continue on next generation console platforms.

Having to maintain software will be at the developers discretion.

Imalwaysright35d ago

Do they? Isn't Netflix and other movie streaming services going the way of the dodo?