Come on Nintendo, sharing goes both ways

Xbox and Nintendo seem to be working closely at the moment with Phil Spencer welcoming collaboration between companies but why is this sharing so one-sided?

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strayanalog36d ago

I understand where you're coming from, but I think one important thing is missed: Microsoft wasn't using Banjo for anything. And while that may not have been a deciding factor, it definitely had to help.

hulk_bash198735d ago

Microsoft is more interested in getting their games on as many platforms as possible. This is why I feel we wont be seeing that many, if any, Nintendo games on Xbox.

Sharky23135d ago

I think we’re in a time where Microsoft is gonna push the cloud. I don’t think they are as concerned with getting consoles in houses. If you can play there games every where why do they care if they sell a Ton of consoles? Nintendo understands like Sony... if you have to sell a console it needs exclusives!

RosweeSon35d ago

Won’t see any, my friend mentioned this the other day oh Nintendo/Mario will
Be on Xbox... since when. Nintendo do their own console and their own services to fill up with their games why would they help Microsoft. Microsoft need them not the other way round.

Obscure_Observer35d ago


"Nintendo understands like Sony... if you have to sell a console it needs exclusives!"

You talk like Sony still sees consoles as their prime business. Flash news: They DON´T.

Nintendo? Yes! Nintendo is the sole company that is 100% devoted to console business as their prime.

Both Sony and Microsoft will try and push their streaming services from now on. I don´t care about cloud gaming. I´ll continue to support console as long it exist. Only god knows if streaming is gonna take over the gaming market.

battlegrog34d ago

but apparently Nintendo if not ready will follow Sony with partnering to use MS server structure for a streaming service. So in a sense it wont matter. We will get to play all the nintendo sony and MS platform on PC at some point over the next few years.

Kingthrash36034d ago

MS is a 3rd party dev....Nintendo is not.


ThinkThink34d ago

5 years ago who would of thought that Nintendo would ever partner with ubisoft to make a Mario/Rabbids game. Nintendo has really opened themselves up for collaboration. I wouldn't be surprised to see them eventually doing skmething similar with Sony if it all pans out.

CyberSentinel34d ago


"MS is a 3rd party dev....Nintendo is not."

I never looked at it like that,...but your right!

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blackblades35d ago

Pretty sure Mario and other ip is never going to another console. Maybe bayonetta or any other 3rd party exclusive could be shared.

shiva135d ago

Just put Mario on all available devices and see. It would get all that money for that game, which their all gen combined consoles couldnt get. No need of any advertising as well.

Obscure_Observer35d ago


"Pretty sure Mario and other ip is never going to another console."

We heard the same thing about Nintendo games on mobile.

RobLoPR34d ago

I got Mario on iOS so.... yeah its all about money... the right amount and boom!! Mario on the X

blackblades34d ago

Consoles and mobile are different things, Nintendo arent going to put there ip on another console.

FBNS34d ago

Android consoles: am I joke to you

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Jin_Sakai34d ago

I knew it wouldn’t be long before Xbox sites started begging for Nintendo content.

Xbox are the ones wanting their games and content on as many platforms as possible. Don’t expect anyone else to follow.

ThinkThink34d ago (Edited 34d ago )

This is a win/win for both companies! Nintendo is introducing a whole new generation to the Banjo Character. Now, when MS drops the next Banjo game, switch players who favored Banjo in Smash, might be interested in giving it a shot.

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gamingunited36d ago (Edited 36d ago )

Here we go, I wonder if crying for Nintendo games on xbox will reach the fever pitch of cross play begging.

-Foxtrot36d ago

Two reasons

Nintendo are too proud to give anything to a rivals console.

Microsoft need Nintendo a lot more then they need them.

Lennoxb6336d ago

Microsoft need Nintendo? You won. LMAO

-Foxtrot35d ago

If they want to put their plan into action and broaden the Xbox brand onto everything they can...yeah...I think they do.

Trueflames35d ago

With all due respect MS can buy nintendo 7 times or more and they need them?

The Wood35d ago

With all due respect MS can buy nintendo 7 times or more and they need them

Don't think who has more to spend. Think who's obviously not doing as well as the other. There's many reasons why Microsoft haven't been able to purchase everyone who's in a better position than them. You can't say Nintendo or Sony's consoles aren't profitable and performing well so what gives. . . .I'd love to hear your theory

DogJosha35d ago (Edited 35d ago )

@Trueflames It would take a little over 8.6 billion dollars to buy controlling stocks at Nintendo. Microsoft has less than 12 billion to spend. They can't even buy Nintendo twice, nor can they afford to buy all of their stocks a single time over.

tekiz34d ago


"Microsoft need Nintendo? You won. LMAO "

You realize your in an article that's begging for Nintendo games on xbox, right?

kayoss34d ago

"With all due respect MS can buy nintendo 7 times or more and they need them?"
You dont really think things through huh? Xbox is a different division of Microsoft. If Xbox is not making money, what you think will happen to the gaming division (xbox)? Microsoft will shut it down. Lets just entertain you idea for a fraction of a moment. If Microsoft wanted to buy Nintendo, who to say Nintendo will sell? Just because you want to buy something, doesnt mean the other person is willing to sell it.

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Zeref35d ago (Edited 35d ago )

lol no they don't if streaming takes off. They'll reach a lot more people than the Switch ever will.

Xbox really doesn't "need" anyone for the future. In fact it's Sony and Nintendo that need Microsoft. Why do you think PlayStation chose Azure over Amazon or Google? It's not only because xCloud is better it's also because depending on Google and Amazon would have made it easier for them to acquire playstation. They would have been vulnerable.

Nintendos online system sucks so bad that they should just replace it with Xbox Live at this point. OG Xbox live was better than Nintendo Online. Who really needs who?

XabiDaChosenOne35d ago

lol no they don't if streaming takes off
no they don't if streaming takes
they don't if streaming takes
don't if

rainslacker35d ago (Edited 35d ago )

Azure: A cloud based server structure used to run programs in one of three service models, used to deliver a clients specified products or services to private or public customers.

xCloud: A service that runs on a cloud based hosting service, such as Azure, to stream content, specifically video game related content.

The two things are not the same, and you using the two interchangeably makes it look like you are ignorant, more than the rest of your comment already proves you are.

Sony doesn't need MS, they could use Amazon, or Google, or other cloud services, or even expand their current service. Azure just makes more sense for them to use....of course, assuming they actually end up using it.

xCloud has nothing to do with PSNow being hosted on any cloud service, and absolutely nothing suggests or implies that Sony will be using any technologies that xCloud uses to deliver it's service. Not a single thing. not one.

But, there is evidence, and comments, that say that MS does indeed use some of Sony's streaming tech, as they licensed it for that purpose. Does that mean MS needs Sony? No. Just that it's beneficial for them to go that route than spend more making their own solution.

How is that related to Nintendo?

Well, nintendo doesn't need MS, and MS doesn't need Nintendo. But they may have products or services which are useful for the other, and despite how some MS fan boys acted about it being a big thing, each and every one of those things they worked on or shared was it's own thing, and it didn't indicate anything about the two working together on more. It's just yet another instance of people who make more out of something than there actually is.

GTgamer35d ago

Streaming ain't taking off anytime soon buddy

Livingthedream35d ago

Even if it doesn't take off they don't need it. Nintendo releases one good console then one bad console. A partnership would be beneficial for both, but MS doesn't need them.

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rainslacker35d ago

Third reason

People just assumed that Nintendo was going to reciprocate MS support of Switch, even though Nintendo isn't known for such things, and there is no reason for them to other than to try and get more sales of the software, but Nintendo actually makes money on hardware sales, and the licensing of games on it's system, and they're doing fine.

Livingthedream35d ago

Lol have you seen how much MS is worth? Sorry this is shenanigans.

krauley35d ago

proud? how about smart business sense! giving away your bread and butter wouldnt be smart. exclusives sell consoles.

Gotcha535d ago

Someone been smoking those "Mushrooms".

Obscure_Observer35d ago


"Microsoft need Nintendo a lot more then they need them."

You´re desperate, dude. Why exacly Microsoft need Nintendo for? Never mind. I sure you don´t have a answer. Lol

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TheColbertinator36d ago

Nintendo needs nothing from Microsoft and vice versa.

Godmars29035d ago

But MS would love to apply/use Nintndo's history and reputation to the Xbox brand in order to make it more popular to the non arena shooter crowd.