KnowTechie Roundtable: Which game reveal from E3 has you the most hype?

KnowTechie writes:

"We’re an opinionated bunch here at KnowTechie. In fact, the only thing we enjoy more than expressing our own opinions is shooting each other down with vociferous, unrestrained vitriol. As such, we’ve decided to launch a new weekly series, the KnowTechie Roundtable, to do just that.

Join us every Friday to dish (dish, bish) on our favorite topics in tech and gaming while hurling insults at one another but mostly Kevin.

So to kick things off, here’s our first topic: Which Game Reveal From E3 Has You the Most Hype?"

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darthv7233d ago

Panzer Dragoon Remake for me. So many never played the original on Saturn (a shame because saturn is a great system) and now new generations can experience this beautifully crafted classic now in hd.

AK9133d ago

Game reveal? Probably Panzer Dragoon Remake but my most hyped game in general is FF7 Remake.