The Final Fantasy VIII Remaster Likely Won't Let You Skip Summon Animations - And That's Good

Final Fantasy VII and Final Fantasy VIII are two of the greatest JRPGs of all time, but there are aspects of both games that haven't aged well. One of the most frustrating aspects of these games is the unskippable cutscenes that play whenever a monster is summoned using magic.

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PhoenixUp32d ago (Edited 32d ago )

Who cares when you can 3x speed everything

-Foxtrot31d ago

Ohhhhhh yeah

That’s a good point XD

30d ago
AK9131d ago

That’s a good thing.

VTKC31d ago

Why would you want to skip the animation? Dont you want to use the boost ability?

NukeDaHippies31d ago

Why would i summon when i can just keep using renzokuken???

Juusterey25d ago

Because they look awesome!

Pennywise13830d ago

Summon animation has been one of the best parts of final fantasy even back in the old days. I wish the newer final fantasy games weren’t so stingy with them cause the little they let you use them it still looks amazing. I just want them to make a FF where you can collect all the summons and use them as you want as long as you have the MP for it. VII might just be the one.