Final Fantasy VIII Remastered appears to be getting a retail release

Final Fantasy VIII Remastered was announced for Switch this week, and it'll be arriving later this year. While digital is a given, it seems that a retail version is on the way as well.

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Shiken740d ago

My only concern os if that means it will go up in price...

But excellent news non the less!

-Foxtrot740d ago


I’m guessing they put a little more effort into this remaster since they lost the original source and it’s apparently why they skipped over it

If it’s getting a retail release then please give it a Collectors or limited edition with some goodies

-Foxtrot740d ago

I least a steelbook

Or a collectors edition with Squalls ring & necklace

Knightofelemia740d ago

Can't wait to replay this game again I still have my PS1 copy I just wish FF8 was out right now I am dying to replay it again.

Juusterey736d ago

be cool if the collectors edition was a throwback to the ps1 case

Teflon02740d ago

give me a physical FFIX as it's already remastered anyways

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The story is too old to be commented.