The Pokemon Sword/Shield Interview: "We Couldn't Keep Indefinitely Supporting All of the Pokemon"

USGamer talks to Game Freak about the battle potential of Dynamax, the decision to narrow the number of available Pokemon, and the move into a new era.

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Agent_00_Revan129d ago

That's really disappointing. All these years we've waited for a full console Pokemon and spent years collecting and building our collections in the PokeBank, and now they're going to cherry pick which Pokemon are available to transfer to Sword & Shield.

I completely understand developing animations for 800+ pokemon is extremely difficult, but it's still disappointing. I'm sure it'll be the best ones included and they left out a lot of the garbage ones. But they also didn't say any kind of number to know how many we can expect supported.

"Well fans, you've begged for years for a full console Pokemon, and now we're giving it to you. Mostly..."

PinkNekoFire128d ago

Maybe they should have slowed the amount of new ones being made? Plan a little ahead, decide how many you are willing to support "indefinitely", and cap it there.

Ugh. I was pretty much done with the series after Sun & Moon, but was still holding onto a glimmer of hope the games would recover. Sad watching your favorite games slowly become unrecognizable as years go on😭