Gears 5 panel gets awkward after fan asks what Kait's sexual preference is

A Gears 5 panel got E3 Coliseum off to an awkward start, after an audience member asked for details on the sexual preference game's protagonist Kait. John DiMaggio responded by asking the fan: "Who gives a f***?"

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Christopher4d ago

Nothing awkward here. That's a perfectly reply to a pretty obvious troll of a question.

locomorales4d ago

I don't think it's perfect because it's hide the answer. We know that much of the gamer community is very insecure about their sexuality. If the producer responded that the character is heterosexual, life would follow and nobody would say anything. Now if he asserts that the author created her homosexual, they would be accused of making political propaganda in the games.

What we have now is that the homophobic behavior, which is dominant in who would buy this type of game, is satisfied. Without defining the sexual preference of the character, it is defined that it is what the buyer accepts. That is, heterosexual. Since this propaganda is already normalized.

In exchange for money, he is an accomplice of a retrograde and medieval behavior.

One really brave demeanor would be to define what your character is. Live and let live. As it should be in all situations and not hide reality to not bother the prejudiced.

Christopher4d ago

***it's hide the answer***

The answer is it's not pertinent to the story.

Isn't this exactly what people want? To not have sexual preference a factor unless it matters?

Cupid_Viper_34d ago

"I don't think it's perfect because it's hide the answer."

I'm sorry I can't agree with that. Now, I am one who normally stays away from convos like this on N4G because often times the thread derails into insanity, so this may be my first and only reply on the topic.

I don't think her sexual preference matters unless the game's story includes some sort of romantic angle. And without that, then I don't think that question needs an answer in the slightest.

There are times when a character's sexual preference is necessary to the game's story, TLoU being one example. Other times, I don't think it's necessary. Say if you're playing a game strictly multiplayer game with no real story and just random characters, then their sexual preference being brought up will feel forced. Like, what does that bring to the game at hand? Does it push the story forward?

But at the same time, we have straight, gay, and bi game developers out there who are making games. And if said developer wants to create a fictional character that he/she feels best represents him/her, then, by all means, they should. So we should keep that in mind as well when we discuss these things.

And no developer should be FORCED to answer a question about a character's sexual preference either. If the developer doesn't want to answer it, then that's that! You're not entitled to such info, please keep that in mind.

Lord_Sloth4d ago

The point is the answer is irrelevant. Nobody cares who she likes fiddling her diddle.

Salooh4d ago (Edited 4d ago )

The developer decided that he don't care about what is dominant or not, that's not brave to you ? XD. Well, he don't care about your LGBT dominantation plan. You have to put an LGBT signuture on everything. Not everyone care, he is busy trying to make a good game. These issues doesn't matter in gaming. Get over it.

jeki4d ago

"The point is the answer is irrelevant. Nobody cares who she likes fiddling her diddle."

I have to disagree. If no one cares why does the question enrage anti-SJWs (alt-right culture warriors, I don't know what to call them)? When someone asks a question about gender or sexual preference I see them go crazy, screaming that it doesn't matter, going on the attack, calling the person asking an SJW or a leftist. If it's not important why don't they just roll their eyes when someone asks a question like that?

carcarias4d ago (Edited 4d ago )

Hmm, I'm not sure you're right regarding the bit about if she was hetero, everything would carry on and no one would say anything. Quite the opposite in fact, in this day and age with the sort of gaming sites we've had for years now.

I'm not too interested in arguing the point but I would respectfully point out that part of the reason people are pleased to hear this response is precisely because there's a good chance that if he had confirmed she was hetero, then there would have been a wave of outrage articles from all the usual sites bemoaning it and asking why, exactly, she had to be hetero.

People don't want that politically correct BS drama, so they're glad he gave the response he did.

Lord_Belasco4d ago

Majority tends to make the rules, deal with it.

Sirk7x4d ago (Edited 4d ago )

What the literal hell are you talking about. It's like asking what she likes to eat for breakfast, what her dog's name was when she was a child, or what her masturbatory habits are. If it's not integral to the story, it does not matter. If people are so controlled by their egos that they define their entire lives on labels, they're the ones with a problem. Perhaps the creator doesn't have it in mind, because he or she doesn't give a crap either. It's like asking if Link is gay. Does it matter? Who cares. Creators have no obligation to define anything about a character other than what is implicitly shown within the game's contents. If they want to expand the universe, cool. By pandering however, to any group for political reasons, then they've sold out, simple as that. God, why do people care about this shit? Gay people are the same people as everyone else. If anything, not defining characteristics allows fans of the character to imagine them as they see fit. If anything, the more proper answer to that's fan's question should have been "That's really none of your business to ask." Upon watching, that's exactly what he said, good on him.
He could have said that she likes to f*** dogs and has three dicks for all it matters.

Lord_Sloth3d ago


Because it's always asked when it isn't stated in the game. The fact is Kait's sexuality ISN'T relevant. Captain Marvel's isn't relevant. In an action game about shooting up aliens this guy decides it's necessary to ask about her sexual orientation? No thanks. It was possibly the most meaningless thing he could have possibly asked.

rainslacker3d ago (Edited 3d ago )

I think he gave the answer. It's not important. Maybe it's not explored? Maybe it's made known, but isn't really that important to the you know some characters are not gay, but it has no effect on the character or story.

He's more likely to get more heat because of the way he answered it than he was to get for answering it in either way. Even if he doesn't answer now, the heats going to come if she's homosexual in game. It can't be avoided. He seemed more like he was annoyed by the question, or maybe he's just trying to get attention or maybe he's just a crass a**hole who isn't good at responding to people in a respectful way.

BUT, if he truly believes what he said, despite the way he answered, I actually have a lot of respect for him, because he basically told the SJW crowd to F off.

He said it wasn't important. That seems like what most people who have been fighting SJW's or these devs who make a big deal about it in games where it's not important have been saying for years, and it's refreshing when the rare developer comes along and publicly says the same thing because he isn't afraid to say he doesn't care or it doesn't matter.


"There are times when a character's sexual preference is necessary to the game's story, TLoU being one example."

I have to disagree. It's not that their sexual preference is important to the story, it's that people make the sexual preference more important than it is. A good respresentation is one that can take any preference, and make it just part of the character, and they could deliver the same story regardless of what that is. That scene with ellie in the trailer would have worked just as well on a relationship level if she had kissed a boy. it was made into a bigger thing because she kissed a girl....with different sides giving it a different meaning in what it conveyed. The change in importance of her being a homosexual just undermined whatever story element about her relationship that scene may have been trying to convey, and it's why I feel such things are mostly distracting, because a relationship is a relationship. Bill in the first game was no less a crass hardened loner type like you'd see from any homosexual of a similar personality because he was gay, but him being gay didn't undermine the nature of his loss when it was revealed.

There are some stories where sexual preference is more relevant to the narrative, but a love story or romantic interest can be that regardless of preference.

That said, it is possible her sexual preference is important to the story, but the trailer doesn't really delve that deeply into that aspect of her character, and her sexual preference was more a superficial aspect of what the trailer was trying to convey.


It enrages the "anit-SJW" because it's a stupid question to ask, especially when the question is usually followed up with outrage at answers that somehow make it important.

The question is, why is this even a question that needs to be asked?

Michiel19893d ago

@loco "We know that much of the gamer community is very insecure about their sexuality" no we dont know that, This had nothing to do with said person questioning or being insecure about their sexuality, he either wanted to troll them or force his personal agenda on them (which is basically the same)

gniosdb3d ago

Hides the answer?

Dude, the right answer is WHO GIVES A FCK.

As Morgan Freeman replied when he was asked how to stop racism, "stop talking about it".

averagejoe263d ago


The problem is, even when it is pertinent to the story, the bigots still come out to play.

Take TLOU2 for example.

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RememberThe3574d ago

Yeah maybe for the dude asking the question though. Guy in the hat really got after him.

"Maybe she's a switch hitter, who the f#ck cares!" His whole response was brutal and awesome.

rainslacker3d ago

These kinds of questions are often used to bait developers into saying something that will incite a war.

Now, I think his response can very well do that, but hopefully the E3 press will drown it out....which is really a shame, because I liked his response, and I'd love a chance to show my support of his answer. I feel he could have maybe been more respectful, but he expressed it in a way that many people in the community feel.

The question is stupid. If I were talking about a project I spent years on, and someone asked a question like that where it was about something that had nothing to do with the game, and was never something about the series whether hetero or homosexual, then I'd be a bit annoyed.

It'd be like asking if Master Chief was really a transvestite hiding in the closet using a voice synthesizer to hide the fact that it's really a woman Metroid style.

Genuine-User4d ago

Comments like the one made by Naruga and Megakooter above you are precisely why I hardly visit this site anymore. Bigoted and homophobic comments are a normal occurrence on this site now, either mods don’t give a shit.

starchild3d ago

There's nothing bigoted about what Naruga said. (I don't remember the other guy's comment). But it's so typical of people like you to label anybody who doesn't agree with your priorities and world view as a bigot. So very typical. Words like bigot and racist have lost most of their meaning thanks to people like you misusing them.

sushimama3d ago

But they're not bigoted or homophobic. The comments. You're crazy, better get back in your safe space I think.

Deceiver_Of_The_Gods3d ago

Your problem, not ours. Get over it kiddo, the world doesn't revolve only around the lgbtfnwoicn123 community.

ziggurcat3d ago

arguably, the perfect answer would have been to simply say it's not pertinent to the story, not pretend to jerk off like a clown.

SSj2Crono3d ago

I wish it was a troll but the identity politics crap is real.

ravens523d ago

Lord_Sloth. Or if she has fiddle to diddle

SephirothX213d ago

It's amazing how people can't separate simple things. The guy asked a question and he got a rude response. His intentions for asking were not made clear so they should just answer it. One reason why a person may ask this is because if the character was gay, it would rule out a love relationship with one of the male characters. If her sexual preferences are irrelevant to the story, then they could just say that in their answer. Instead the guy who responded jumped into defensive mode and behaved like a d*ck.

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timotim4d ago

Ay yoooooooo!!! It got real in there! Leave that kind of talk outta Gears please. Plus if you played Gears 4, you would know the answer to that question.

Prince-Ali4d ago

Why leave it out of Gears... loool hasn't love and sacrifice been one of the central themes of the whole Gears story since the beginning loool!? And in a world like this wouldn't being gay be the least of everyones concern ..? You guys are weirdoooss lool

Lord_Sloth4d ago

Stop putting multiple Os in lol and stop using it so much.

timotim4d ago

🤨 I can't tell if your being serious or not. Love and sexual preference are two different things. And I don't care to be concerned in the least...thats my point. She is a fictional character in a game in the shooter genre...why who she gets down with in the sack needs to be a thing at all...

Prince-Ali4d ago

or i'll do what i want when i type and you can keep it moving..?

How are they two different things..? loool they both lean soo heavily against eachother i'd struggle to imagine one could exist without the other... Secondly using that same logic you could easily say the same thing about 90% of any character development trait in anything fictional... just because YOU dont care doesn't mean others dont and it CERTIANLY doesn't mean that it cant be just another character trait! THAT'S my point "LEave that kind of talk outta Gears please" <<<<<< This is the statement i take issues with... Because LORD KNOWS when Dominic found his wife Maria in that bunker which led to his suicide you had absolutely 0% issues with that situation... this rhetoric and logic of "who caress they're just fictional characters' didn't exist then but for a topic like this all of a sudden it's an issue.. It's just stupid logic to have about any fictional character.. the more detail about a character the more alive the characters are otherwise whats the point of anything...

rainslacker3d ago (Edited 3d ago )

Love and sexual preference aren't the same thing. Love is an emotional connection you have with someone that doesn't have to be sexual or based on attraction. Love, at it's purest form used in narrative, is typically about two people finding a connection to one another, not about the nature of the sexual relationship. The sexual relationship is just used to exemplify the height of the relationship.

I love to point to Bill in TLOU. He had a love of his life. He was gay. Him being gay was irrelevant. Same with Joel and Tess. They had a loving connection, but it wasn't made clear they were sexual partners(most likely) until their last scene together, and as you watched them up to that point, it could have been either all business, or business and pleasure, or something more intimate. Joel loved Ellie, and vice versa, and there was no sexual connection there. It's why I'm giving the benefit of the doubt that ND won't make it a hugely important thing in TLOU2, because they are one of the few devs so far that seems to do such things right.

SolidGamerX3d ago

It needs to be left out of Gears and every other game too.

FalconofLucis983d ago

The way you type is so annoying.

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Spurg4d ago

loooool....that response was a 10/10

RpgSama4d ago

As a Sony fan, BRAVO to John DiMaggio!!!!!

DaDrunkenJester4d ago

You dont need to be an Xbox fan to love John DiMaggio

chazjamie3d ago

You are so brave for doing that. Times are definitely changing!

averagejoe263d ago


It's people like you who keep the childish console wars alive.

aS a SoNy FaN hurr durrr

How old are you?

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NiteX4d ago

When did people start doing that stupid shit with the extra o's? Is that from some meme?

jznrpg4d ago

Laugh out our oily ogre oceans loud?