The Witcher 3 Complete Edition Uses 32 GB Card, Runs At Dynamic 720p Resolution

Details on the resolution and download size for The Witcher 3 Complete Edition for Nintendo Switch.

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Jin_Sakai12d ago

Getting this game running on Switch seems nothing short of a miracle.

DarXyde12d ago

More than anything, it is a testament to the skill of CD Projekt Red. I wouldn't call it a miracle since any game can be scaled to meet the capability of the hardware: you could get The Witcher III to run on PS2 if you have the discs and downgrade to do so. The game would essentially need to be remade in that case, but you see my point.

Having The Witcher III on Switch is a huge deal. It really shows how much developers are embracing Nintendo.

harmny12d ago

embracing nintendo? it just seems to me like easy money. the game is already made and its considered a masterpiece. switch is like 35 million potential users.
drop some devs there and you can relaunch the game and keep people talking about the witcher. sounds like a no brainer to me.
embracing nintendo would be to launch cyberpunk on switch.

Stanjara12d ago

It really shows how much the platform is making money.

oasdada12d ago

its not a testament to the skill of CD project red because the switch port is being handled by Saber Interactive

RedDevils12d ago

Assassin Creed remaster did alright on switch maybe witcher could as well. Just a maybe.

mikeslemonade12d ago (Edited 12d ago )

LOL! why bother

Even Witcher 3 on base PS4 was crap.

bouzebbal12d ago

32GB like FFX? Interesting.. But how does it perform in handheld? That's the question

vergilxx312d ago

It's not cd project Red who's doing the port, read the article next time
It's Saber interactive

DarXyde11d ago


Two things...

1. I'm well aware CDPR is not handling the port directly; it wouldn't make sense because they're making Cyberpunk 2077 and, to my knowledge, they aren't split into teams.

2. Ports are traditionally done in consultation with the original developers -- good ports, anyway. Saber hasn't really been known to take the reins of such a massive undertaking as The Witcher, and I certainly do not believe the successful transition to Switch is within the scope of their skillset. So yes, I credit CDPR.

Army_of_Darkness11d ago

Nintendo fan "it's not about the graphics! It's about the mobility and convenience of playing it anywhere I want! Game Looks amazing for being able to play it handheld! So there! :-P"
Copy and paste reasoning for every downgraded full priced year old game on switch....

Dragonscale11d ago

@mikes, if it was crap on base PS4 which it wasn't, it must've been absolutely god awfull on base xbone then lol.

Jin_Sakai11d ago


“LOL! why bother”

“Even Witcher 3 on base PS4 was crap.“

The Nintendo troll strikes again. Nearly every article since E3. Keep up the hard work!

There’s plenty of games to enjoy on Switch. Having The Witcher 3 is just a bonus.

mikeslemonade11d ago

^Witcher 3 ran kinda crappy on my 980ti back then. That’s why 30 frames on PS4 would have been crap, let alone the last gen Switch.

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SegaGamer12d ago (Edited 12d ago )

I'm sorry, but how is this a miracle? The game has literally been massively downgraded in every single area you can think of.

This isn't a miracle, it's something that is possible with any game if the devs are interested enough in doing it.

UltraNova12d ago

I guess Nintendo fans dont care about bleeding edge why do you?

PS: Don't shoot the messenger!

SegaGamer12d ago (Edited 12d ago )


But I didn't criticise the visuals, I just said that it's not a miracle that it's running on the Switch because of the downgrades. I actually think this is a good thing that it's on the Switch. I'm all in favour of gamers getting to play as many games as possible no matter what way they prefer to play.

bluefox75512d ago

Yeah, people are pretending not to notice the downgraded visuals, I don't believe them. It's a massive downgrade and painfully obvious. That's fine and certainly expected, but it's silly to pretend like this is some sort technical marvel.

hiawa2311d ago (Edited 11d ago )

I agree 100%. Any game can be ported if downgraded enough, but its portable, right..


If somebody told you 10 years ago you could play a game like Witcher 3 on what is essentially a fucking Gameboy you would laugh in their face.

If you want visuals thats what literally every other platform is for. You want portability? Switch.

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Eidolon12d ago

Yeah it's great, but really, anyone wanted to truly dive into this game should not be playing it on the Switch. Of course, if thats the only option..

Brave_Losers_Unite12d ago

You can get Witcher 3 running on a gameboy. Itll just look like crap like it does on the Switch.

TheRealTedCruz11d ago

Best looking handheld game I've ever seen.
Just saying.

HusbandAndWifeGaming12d ago

Miracles aren't ugly they're beautiful.

TheRealTedCruz11d ago

They did an amazing job when they ported Witcher 2 to 360.
One of the most technically impressive games on the system.

NXFather11d ago

Well it is checkerboard 720.

Orionsangel11d ago (Edited 11d ago )

They might as well run Witcher 3 on the Nvidia Shield TV.

Donnie8111d ago

You actually writing a comment not trashing Xbox might be an even bigger miracle :)

mandingo11d ago

Dynamic 720p is very much short of a miracle

TimeSkipLuffy11d ago

Play the game on a platform it deserves to dive into its most full potential.

TheRealTedCruz11d ago

A high-end PC?
Using your logic, there's no reason to play it on console in general.

jznrpg11d ago

Not a miracle , make the draw distance short , take a lot of details out and lower the resolution and you have a 12 year old PC or Switch game

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porkChop12d ago

I'm surprised they got it to run. You can clearly tell the graphics were toned down, but it actually doesn't look too bad considering the scale of the game.

fonger0812d ago

I’m not so much concerned as to the resolution but as to what the frame rate situation will be like. If it’s 720p and at a stable 30fps... then I might consider the double dip, particularly to finally go through the DLC.

HRoach61611d ago

Both DLC’s are fantastic. Blood and wine might as well be a smaller but just as packed and lovingly made sequel. And hearts of stone is a great new questline/story with a bunch of new items and weapons. If you loved Witcher 3 you are going to be wondering why you didn’t dip back into these sooner.

Sgt_Slaughter12d ago

This makes any other developer/publisher requiring downloads look like fools, since the entire Complete Edition fits on the 32GB cart.


I see what you mean, but for what its worth, nintendo actually pushed back the release of 32gb cards (and up) until earlier this year. so all games prior to that were only working with 16gb cards at most. plus, the GOTY addition is only like 40something gigs on ps4. scale back even some graphics and that saves a lot of space.

Segata11d ago

No, Dragon Quest Heroes came on 32GB cart at launch. 32GB carts been there since the start but just very costly. Nintendo is looking to release the 64GB cart this year.

MetroidFREAK2111d ago

Exactly. This better change how devs release their games now.

TheGamez10012d ago

720ps fine for the handheld mode, it just better run good.

Eonjay12d ago

It is 540p in handheld and 720p in docked mode.

blackblades12d ago (Edited 12d ago )

540p that's to low for some people.

Segata12d ago

Well, 540P is the same resolution as a Vita. So that's fine I guess. Better than Nintendo's own Xenoblade 2 in handheld. That thing is like 240P it looks awful in handheld. Torna looked fine tho.

NXFather12d ago


When did I or my guy/my clone make a promise that I have now changed?

Imortus_san12d ago

Better wait for the digital foundry piece to confirm those 540p, since some not open world games have gone as low as 400p.

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Knushwood Butt12d ago

'The resolution was revealed to be dynamic 720p in docked mode while in handled, the game will have a limit of 540p.'.

AmUnRa11d ago

So NXFather was right, it is checkerboard 720p in dockmode😉

sin727912d ago

Dynamic 720p not native 720p!

Prince-Ali11d ago

DYNAMIC! lool meaning it's gonna fluctuate looool how wildly... we shall leave that up to digital foundry to let us know

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