The Witcher 3 Is Getting An Update For Nintendo Switch

The Witcher 3 Complete Edition is getting an update soon for the Nintendo Switch, Developer Saber Interactive has shared this news about a future patch.

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Vegamyster624d ago

Just read the article and never heard of the 60 fps mod, looking on Youtube I'm surprised how much better you can make the game look by just getting rid of the muddy TXAA.

PCgamer98624d ago

Sadly it also involves oc'ing and pushing the switch to stress levels so it's not also a good idea in a long run.

Fritzwochel624d ago

Yeah but what about the updated 16nm tegra switch?

Vegamyster624d ago

I know that's what's required for the 60 fps mod but it'd be nice if they added the ability to turn off those post processing effects in options because that alone makes the game look a lot better without stressing the system.

TheRealTedCruz624d ago

Looks pretty freaking good to me for a "low level" port on a handheld.

624d ago
TeamIcoFan624d ago (Edited 624d ago )

Just you wait, the fanboys will move the goalposts once more, saying something like "IT'S NOT TRUE 1080P SO IT'S A SHITTY PORT!".
Mainly it's the Sony fanboys since they're still super salty about how much of a failure the Vita was.
Just pure jealousy since the Switch is what the Vita should've been, but wasn't due to boneheaded decisions by Sony when it came to 1st party support and its choice of memory storage...

TheHateTheyGive624d ago

Oh please, nobody cares about handheld kiddie gaming, sony never cared for ps vita. Whats really funny is that sony pushed nintendo out the dedicated home console business, wii u was a colossal failure, nintendo ran to their kiddie handheld fan base to survive. Sonys 1st party games are in another league vs the kiddie nintendo exclusives.

Vegamyster624d ago


Nobody cares about it yet it's sold nearly 50 million in 3 years with no signs of slowing down.

indysurfn624d ago

That proprietary 8gb memory was at $100 for years. That did kill it for me at fist. But I jumped in after it was dead ti get a bug backlog of games.

Razmiran624d ago

And also the 3ds sold a lot, and the ds, and the psp too
"Handheld kiddie gaming" what you salty boys come up with these days

TheRealTedCruz624d ago (Edited 624d ago )


Oh yes. Sony cared so little about handheld gaming that they put out two fairly beefy (for their time) systems, and marketed the hell out of them.
The thing that's sad is the PSP was far more popular. They mismanaged the Vita so highly that they took their ball and went home in their first loss.

The rest is just driveling nonsense. Nintendo has been switching things up and doing their own thing since the DS/Wii days. They've made so much money off of the Wii and their handhelds, they easily could have shaken off the hit the Wii U was. Nintendo messed up with the Wii U. They marketed it really poorly, and at a questionable time in the generation. If you want to attribute everything to Sony though, hey, be my guest.

On a completely unrelated note, one of my favorite quotes is "ignorance is bliss". Totally unrelated; just wanted you to know that about me.

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frostypants624d ago (Edited 624d ago )

On a handheld Switch it looks good. On a big screen it looks awful though. Worse than the PC version at the lowest settings and way worse than any other console edition of the game, pretty rough given that some of those consoles are cheaper than Switch.

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VivaChe624d ago

I’m playing through it right now on the Switch and it’s great. Only thing is the frame rate drops a bit in especially cutscenes for some reason but it’s never a problem. It’s censored a bit though! Lol No boobs.

Everlastingfate623d ago

Liar. Flat out lie. This game is no more censored than the other consoles. Plenty of boobs. Grow up.

Doesn’t sound like you even actually own it.

Old McGroin623d ago


Playing through it myself for the first time on Switch and I can confirm there is most definitely boobs.