Entire The Witcher 3: Complete Edition Will Fit on the Notoriously Small Switch Cartridge

Saber Interactive found a way to get The Witcher 3, and all the expansions in a single cartridge.

xRacer74x4d ago

Remember you will be able to have much smaller assets since at the most the switch can do is 1080p. That should help with the size issues

meep3164d ago (Edited 4d ago )

I think this game will be 900p docked.

TheFirstClassic4d ago (Edited 4d ago )

This isn't remotely realistic.

mikeslemonade4d ago

Lol switch doesn’t deserve third party games. This gonna be sub 720p docked.

meep3164d ago

Alright there armchair devs.

anonymousfan4d ago

It was 900p on base Xbox ... I would imagine 720p docked might be more realistic

TheFirstClassic4d ago

Look at other switch games on digital foundry for comparison. I'm hoping for the best but 900p is not realistic, even native 720p isn't realistic, unless assets are massively downgraded or entirely swapped out and redone.

CrimsonIdol4d ago

So... did anyone click the link to this story where it tells you specifically that it will be "dynamic 720p" (up to 720p) and the handheld maxes at 540p (quoted directly from the Witcher 3 twitter)

SkatterBrain4d ago (Edited 4d ago )

after seeing the GDP Win 2 Running it, i have no hope for this port unless the wolfenstein 2 port team (Panic Button) took care of it , they should port Crysis while there at it , And the Metro Series

meep3163d ago

720p on tv isn’t that great, but 540p handheld is fantastic. I think most people buying this game will be playing it on the go.

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stevej3364d ago

Must be using that elite 7zip compression.

SkatterBrain4d ago (Edited 4d ago )

theres lots of switch games that say online download required , better have a Hefty Micro SD

Ristul4d ago (Edited 4d ago )

If you had read the Article, you would have the correct answer. It clearly states that the whole game fits the cartridges, including the expansion.

Sgt_Slaughter4d ago

This game fits all on a 32GB cart. You'd know that if you actually read the details in the article instead of just the headline and made assumptions.

Neonridr3d ago

read the article first.. it really makes you look less of a fool

elazz4d ago

Well there are cartridges with various sizes. Some distributors choose for 8GB or 16GB variants to save a literal buck. I'm guessing this one is using 32GB with lower textures, video and audio files.

bumbleforce4d ago

Well when you are using so low level textures it will take less space

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