Phoenix Point nails down September release date, will be on Xbox Game Pass for PC

A strange new cinematic showcases the evolving nature of the alien enemy in Julian Gollop's spiritual successor to X-COM.


The X-COM itch 'never goes away', says X-COM creator Julian Gollop

From PC Gamer: "X-COM: UFO Defense, known as UFO: Enemy Unknown here in the UK, is an integral part of PC gaming history. It was part of the MicroProse glory days of the mid-'90s, when ground-breaking strategy games were being spat out at an unbelievable rate. It spawned sequels, questionable spin-offs, and multiple successors, spiritual and otherwise. It's an impressive legacy, and for creator Julian Gollop, the X-COM itch "never goes away".

While the X-COM/XCOM series is now 10 games deep, Gollop was only responsible for the original and Apocalypse, the third game. Of course, none of them would have existed without him, his brother Nick, and the tiny team of artists that built the game that started it all. And now you can't fire up a store like Steam or Epic without seeing countless turn-based strategy and tactics romps, many of them capitalising on the success of Firaxis's XCOM. "

SyntheticForm409d ago

Great read and interview.

X-Com was a HS favorite of mine back in the day.

TheColbertinator409d ago

Playing Expeditions Rome right now and it scratches the XCOM itch in a different way

slayernz409d ago (Edited 409d ago )

tried phoenix point on ps4 and enjoyed it when it worked.....constant crashing (every 2-3 missions) and bugs meant i ditched it pretty quick....gave it another whirl on ps5 when they released the ps5 update and unfortunately nothing was fixed so dont think ill ever touch that again

shinoff2183409d ago

I had issue day one also planned on going back to it after some updates. Pretty sad to here its still broke.

shinoff2183409d ago

Since playing xcom on ps3 and xcom 2 on ps4 they are in my top. A couole of games i really go back to and play almost yearly. I loved everything about them except the loading took forever lol. Im still hoping we get the spinoff that was done and is only out for pc.

I know the next xcom will not disappoint even if i wait for goty edition cause they always have pretty good dlc. I remember getting part 2 day one and then selling it and waiting for the goty i cant say enough about it if you cant tell.

I never did get to play xcom declassified i think it was called. Maybe itll end up on ps plus or gamepass so i can finally play it.


Phoenix Point - Review (PlayStation Galaxy)

Ace said: With a game mechanics that is highly similar to XCOM, many might say that this is a poor man’s XCOM.

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Chaos ensues as Phoenix Point: Kaos Engines Launches

Richard writes: "Phoenix Point: Kaos Engines releases on Xbox, PC, PlayStation and Stadia, bringing with it a new, customisable vehicle and weapons from a new faction"

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slayernz569d ago

anyone playing this on ps5? hows the stability now? i gave up on it as it was constantly crashing, every 2 missions or so would hard crash.....even tried the ps5 update and still crashed several times so deleted it