Sony's E3 2018 Long Form Gameplay Demos Feel Like A Lost Artform Now

From PSU: Sony's deep dive gameplay demonstrations from E3 2018 feel like a lost artform now after the CG trailer heavy offerings shown at E3 2019.

Double_O_Revan1828d ago

People crapped all over their show last year, but I liked it. We got an in depth look at their biggest games. All the quick CG trailers this year are disappointing.

carcarias1828d ago (Edited 1828d ago )

Yeah, I'm with you on this one.

Nothing means more to me than actual gameplay footage, showing off mechanics and giving me as much insight as possible into how the game might feel.

The fancy trailers can be as cool as they want, they don't actually tell you much about the gameplay itself. I think they should release the trailers in the build up to E3, to increase interest and hype, and then give show gameplay at the actual event, seeing as though people make such a big deal of it all.

I can't really feel that E3 is the 'big one' anymore, if the main thing we get is announcements and style over substance.

darthv721828d ago (Edited 1828d ago )

It really depends on how much there is to show and how long the time is. obviously if you have 90 minutes and only 14 games then yes... you could fit some game play into the time between reveal trailers. That isnt how it went for MS this year so they relegated themselves to just trailers and attendees know they can get all the gameplay footage they want from the show floor. I believe they had over 60 games to show in that 90 minutes. That breaks down to less than 2 minutes per game and some got less than a minute.

Stage demos are there to fill time if there is a limited number of games to be shown. you will have people sitting there wondering where the next game is if its taking to long.

rainslacker1827d ago


14 quality games, compared to 60 games where they don't show anything. They could have 5-6 minutes for a CGI trailer, but can't do a 5 minute game play showing? Sorry, that just doesn't fly. They showed game play for all those indies they had. What, about 20 of them in a 5 minute sizzle reel. So fast, you would miss them if you blinked, with barely enough time to make note of the name?

MS focused on CGI. They could have easily done game play. Cut out 10 games, and 50 is still a hell of a lot of games. If you're going to spend 90 minutes showing stuff, make it stuff worth showing, that shows what people want to see.

Rude-ro1828d ago

I was going to say.. the most refreshing part of this e3 is not having tons of shill “gaming” sites slamming Sony for whatever their e3 stage show was...

Although, Sony not being there this year shows us what is wrong with the competition for sure.

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KwietStorm_BLM1828d ago

The game play shown was great. It was the awkward and strange format that people shat on.

Double_O_Revan1828d ago

They also complained "Sony only showed 4 games! Dey got no gamezz!!"

MikeNike3101827d ago

E3 is a little to predictable at this point. They were trying to shake things up with some production value. I mean you didn’t have to watch it but I actually appreciated the effort.

At this point Sony attending E3 is only inviting criticism. With that being said I still wish they would have been there. Forget the haters and do you.

spicelicka1828d ago

i don't think anyone disliked the gameplay demonstrations, it was just the super super early announcements.

KickSpinFilter1828d ago

They crapped over the conference setup: The different rooms, Flute player, talking Heads while everyone was moved room to room. But the actual Game play of games no one was crapped on.

sampsonon1828d ago (Edited 1828d ago )

i wasn't there so i wasn't moved anywhere. when they switched venues i went a got a bear and something to eat.
Actually the majority of gamers weren't there, so i don't understand why people online would complain.

andibandit1828d ago


because sitting up for most the night waiting to watch their E3, only to have it cut to some roundtable discussion after the first game, didn't feel like time entirely well spent. The ending was also strange, by cutting to the same roundtable discussion, and you're scratching your head saying "Did it end or is it another intermission?".

sampsonon1828d ago

@andibandit: better than anything everyone else does. we got to see 8 minutes of the last of us 2. ghost of tsushima..... mean lol what the hell does MS show? A and aa game? and only cgi trailers?


MikeNike3101827d ago

The flute was one of the best parts. Don’t think I’ll ever forget it. You can watch gameplay and trailers online all day but to make it a different experience is what makes Sony so unique.

andibandit1827d ago


I thought the others were awful, just because something is better than awful, dosnt mean im going to praise it


KickSpinFilter1827d ago (Edited 1827d ago )

I was stuck in a movie Theater so it was a pain to get a beer, was a rather captive audience member.
It's the internet people do nothing but complain.
But when they did finally get around to it...what they showed was dope especially TLOU2 game play.

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sampsonon1828d ago

I think that's why sony passed on it this year. people were ungrateful and it cost them a lot of money to put a show like that together. the last of us 2 footage most likely took a half a year to make.

so next time sony decides to put a show on just sit back and enjoy it. if you don't like it there is always the MS show. cough!

KwietStorm_BLM1828d ago

Calling people ungrateful for opinions and criticism is corporate shilling at the highest degree. PlayStation had been at every E3 since it's inception. They didn't back out this year just because of some "ungrateful" fans. That would be extremely childish of a professional company to do. They didn't have a full conference worth of new content ready to show, and they have other plans, obviously gearing up for PS5. They didn't do PSX last year either. And it isn't all about PlayStation or Xbox. There are other conferences too.

sampsonon1828d ago

@KwietStorm no, they think people bashed them for trying to give a unique experience that no one else gives. they said " how much did that cost us?" ok fuk em. they can sit and watch MS habdheld games this yr.

they may never go back. psx will be their launch pad.

darthv721828d ago

they'll be at E3 next year for sure. They should still have been at this one this year too. I'm sure there is updated builds of games like death stranding, GoT and the sort. They don't get a pass for not showing up.

TK-661827d ago (Edited 1827d ago )

"people were ungrateful and it cost them a lot of money to put a show like that together."

Sorry but they did need to stop with the flashy bullshit they were doing at conferences. MS attempted similar this year with the Lego car and it's just a time waster. Sony recently have had some really goofy stuff like hanging people from the ceiling mimicking a seizure and moving an entire conference to a separate building for one game. All of that cost money and I just want to slap whoever it is at Sony and MS that keep pushing these ideas for conferences.

MikeNike3101827d ago

Yeah hopefully they plan on attending next time. One of the reasons they’re in the position they’re in is because they put a lot of effort into these shows and the people obviously appreciated.

KickSpinFilter1827d ago

No not at all why they passed on it this year.
It's just to early in the year to talk about what they have to talk about (PS5)
I'm sure we will get a PSX in December to talk about the release in 2020.
Plus they can't show PS5 projects just yet, developers have things in the works and it's better to save for end of year or even June 2020 for either E3 or PSX closer to release of PS5, otherwise you would have a MS E3 like showing. People ungrateful or costing them money is not the case they did not have a PSX December 2018 or E3 2019. With Dreams, Ghosts of T, TLOU2, Death Stranding now shown enough of, PS4 is just winding down. And Sony readying the PS5 machine

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strayanalog1828d ago

We're in the middle of changing times. E3 is no longer the main event anymore, and gameplay-only trailers are no longer worth the effort as there's a lot of opportunities to show gameplay at other moments in the year. It's something new in our industry we have to now get accustomed to.

Potnoodle9991828d ago

Or not. As shown last year that’s what people love so we do not need to get used to it. For the sake of their marketing they need to go back to showing gameplay demos....The only real way to showcase a game is to....you know... show the game playing as it plays

strayanalog1827d ago

E3 being a global fest of reveals and announcements, is usually best for devs and publishers to show what the game is about, instead of what the gameplay is about.
And while I understand where you're coming from, and admire your passion (as I rather have gameplay myself), I can no longer ignore the rising of the tide. I suppose we can agree to disagree.

CrimsonPheonix1828d ago

People say this every damn year. E3 will always be a big deal. Even if the Big 3 left, which the MS and Nintendo won't. There will always be studios that want to show off their wears and people to tune in.

strayanalog1827d ago

True. But why clamor for time or an expensive stage when you can make your game the event and livestream whenever and however long you like?

nommers1828d ago

Please pray tell, what is the main event if not E3?