Tim Schafer explains why Microsoft now owns Double Fine Productions

Short answer: They gave him lots of money.

XiNatsuDragnel1566d ago

Microsoft briding ppl? If so, I'm not surprised

SegaGamer1566d ago

Offering somebody money doesn't automatically mean bribe.

rdgneoz31566d ago

He said briding, not bribing. MS is doing it like marrying Double Fine like one of the Sister Wives.

Imalwaysright1566d ago (Edited 1566d ago )

Yeah I just bribed someone and got me a snickers bar out of it.

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neutralgamer19921566d ago

Double fine has struggled with money so good for them to get with a publisher with resources

Ms has acquired studios who all wanted more resources

crazyCoconuts1566d ago

I personally like their games a lot. They are kinda niche though - wonder if MS will continue to allow publishing to Switch to help turn a profit.

001566d ago

he ran out of his kickstarter money

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blackblades13h ago

It's fine to stay working on the same IP that you are experts and experience on. Considering the fan base etc but should also build on new IPs. If you are good at making jrpgs or fighting games you should have the experience to create something new in a new world new name. Cause lately its been remakes, games with the same series aka Cod, tales, FF. Sometimes gaming needs a fresh world unrelated to existing games yes it can flop like forspoken but horizon and got did fine and they were totally different then there last game.