E3 2019: The burning questions

Karan writes- "E3 is here, and despite being cynical bastards—we can’t help but still be excited. Being as hard as it is to be positive about the show these days (and being proved right equally as often), we still hold our breaths each year for major announcements. They sometimes come true and most often do not. Till the truth is revealed however, it’s all heresy and speculation. Still, we’ve been thinking about E3 a lot–as you may have surmised from our other lists. So here, without further ado–are the questions that most burn inside us."

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adonisisfree38d ago

E3 is sadly becoming less and less necessary each year.

Zeke6838d ago

Especially considering it's more LEAK3 for each year. Everything interesting is always "leaked" during may / early june....