EA Knows Anthem Is Dying & EA Play 2019 Is The Proof

From PSU: "Anthem is in its death throes and the lack of attention given to the game at EA Play 2019 is proof that EA's loot shooter is not the apple of its eye any longer."

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AspiringProGenji136d ago

The game is so fun that it is dying fast

AspiringProGenji136d ago

We were right from the beginning. This game is doomed. Should have done a great SP game instead like Mass Effect.

rdgneoz3135d ago

If they wanted to keep people, they could have flipped a switch and brought the loot drop increase back like when it was bugged (and they fixed the 'problem' within 12 hours). If they had loot dropping, people might have felt some sense of reward and ignored the severe lack of endgame content for a bit. Instead, you have match making dying in a game that is scaled for 4 people in dungeons or open world (and some people saying that can't even match make into GM3 or GM2 at times, even for open world). Though in the 'Cataclysm' being a timed event with the first 2 weeks of the 8 week event being cosmetics only, and you have no real permanent content coming for a long time. There was hope at the beginning, but it's died off quicker than any other game in the past several years.

-Foxtrot136d ago

With all this evidence coming out showing how little EA cares for the game despite their bullshit PR responses and how awful the game actually is I just can't believe there's still people defending it, it's disgusting. I mean say you enjoy it fair enough, opinions, but questioning people who are speaking out about it? Come on, you might like it but it's just bad taste.

RememberThe357135d ago

Both EA and BioWare have shown nothing but utter incompetence with this entire episode. BioWare had years to figure this thing out and get it right and they blew it. EA has now released their two biggest games (BFV and Anthem) knowingly broken. You can't release products in this state and expect your fans to just sit around for a year waiting for you to pull your shit together. DICE is actually doing that, and I'm BF nut so I'm dragging along, but Anthem doesn't have the following BF does or the devs experienced enough to take on fixing a broken game while trying to add content at the same time. BioWare is moving on to DA and at the rate they're going, It's going to be a disaster.

D3TH_D33LR135d ago

Yeah BF and anthems releases show how bad EA are at live service game support. I agree whole heartedly that if it weren’t for Battlefields larger following over the new and unknown anthem, that battlefield would be long gone by now too. That hurts to say as an OG 1942 BF vet. The game plays great but holy crap I can’t believe it’s taken them nearly a year to put together a whole complete battlefield game. Still the best playing battlefield imo though so I’m glad I waited it out.

JackBNimble135d ago

But who is speaking out , the people who don't even play it ? Because it isn't the people having fun.
It just seems there's a lot of people who want the game to die and many of them don't even play it.

I'm just saying...

I don't play the game, I don't really care that much , but I really question why so many people are putting any energy into hating this game so much.
Does anyone really care?

Benoski135d ago

Well, this is what happens when you release a sub-par 'live service' game that nobody is willing to invest time in.

rdgneoz3135d ago

If they buffed loot drops, people could ignore lack of content or some bugs for a bit. But when you spend hours playing and get 0 drops that are usable (for even the class your playing - yay for getting legendaries for a different class), then you get a dwindling playerbase.

Urrakia34135d ago

As soon as that E3 gameplay reveal dropped, who DIDN'T see this coming?

D3TH_D33LR135d ago (Edited 135d ago )

Right? The demo looked too good to be true and sure enough, it was lol. Worst comes to worst the beta should’ve been the last straw for anyone who was still thinking of getting it.

SyntheticForm135d ago

Not to brag or anything, but I kinda saw it before that.