Jolt Review: Boogie Superstar

Jolt: "We could be cynical and talk about how Boogie Superstar is just another mass appeal game that delivers interactive singing and dancing to the X Factor crowd, and while that's exactly what it does (the challenges even revolve around a glitzy talent show), it would be churlish to overlook the fact that all things considered, this is not a bad effort from EA's Casual Entertainment label. The structure of the game leaves a lot to be desired, but the actual presentation is hard to fault.

It's fairly safe to say that Boogie Superstar is targeted towards the teen market, and on those grounds the three-way mix of just over forty electro, pop and hip-hop/R&B songs is pretty well judged. Each song has a number of dance routines depending on difficulty, as well as a karaoke sing-a-long with or without the possibility of having 'pranks' played on you to make things less predictable."

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