Why Hasn't Pokemon Snap Been Remade?

Pokemon Snap was – hands down – one of the best games of the Nintendo 64 era, so why hasn’t it been remade, remastered or reworked in some way?

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PhoenixUp545d ago

Only mainline Pokémon games get remakes

Speaking of which I guess we should expect to get Gen 4 remakes in 2020

EddieNX 544d ago

The game is begging for a remake. They could.really go to town on the graphics due to the undemanding , on rails nature of the game.

TheRealTedCruz544d ago

This would be perfect on the Switch.
One of my favorite games on the 64.

Childhood ...

gtxgamer2544d ago

Yessssss especially with the vr on the switch it'd be nice to get a cardboard camera with the game

Bretty544d ago

It does seem like a good fit for VR. Less awkward than some of the other things they've tried to make work with it.

gtxgamer2544d ago

Not specifically for VR but as an option would be nice

Bretty544d ago

I think if it wasn't pushed as a full price £40+ game it could do pretty well.

CrimsonWing69544d ago

Nintendo not pushing out a game for full price? Has that ever happened?

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