MeriStation: Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm Review

CyberConnect 2 has taken its time, but wanted to make things right and going into the current generation with an engine developed specially for the occasion, designed to make extensive use of the capabilities of the PS3 and create a true visual spectacle that excite All fans of the series.

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robotnik5205d ago (Edited 5205d ago )


* Excellent animation and management of cameras
* Great use of Cel shading
* Very spectacular
* Simple, but not lacking in depth and tactical
* The representation of the Hidden Leaf Village is great
* Provide English and Japanese dubbing from the beginning


* Lack of online multiplayer
* Missing some mini games
* The story has been somewhat inconsistent
* Some characters that do not appear.

I think this game is great, might buy although I didnt watch the whole anime.

baraka0075205d ago

Im not into cartoons but this game did kind of look fun but no online? It seems silly for it not to have an online mode IMO