Sega Pledges To "Be a Game Changer" With New Trailer

Today Sega released a brand new trailer expressing its mission for the future, promising to "be a game changer" proud of its legacy.

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TheOptimist45d ago

Sega has done a wonderful job on the PC at 5the very least this generation.

Sono42144d ago

Now they just need to make a good 3D sonic game

Apocalypse Shadow45d ago

We'll see. The Sega of old is not the current Sega we see. Non existent sequels of many franchises that deserved it without making a long list, total lack of support of Yu Suzuki's game, lack of any VR games when they have many franchises that would be perfect in VR. They used to be one of the leading innovators and at the front of new technologies.

But we'll see if my favorite childhood company can bring it after being mostly absent.

Primal Rex45d ago

So proud of there lagacy they missed off the mega cd and 32x

FlyingFoxy45d ago

Tbf the Mega CD did have a few awesome games like Final Fight, the music was so good in that.. Too bad there was little/no difference in graphics of games though, guess that's why it flopped.

boing145d ago

Dude, I remember playing Road Avenger on Mega CD. Good times.

SockeyBoy45d ago

Damn I miss Sega in the console war.

Segata44d ago

Get rid of Xbox and bring back SEGA!

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The story is too old to be commented.