All LittleBigPlanet Reviews Out Are Worthless

Ken Edwards writes:

"Until Sony and Media Molecule fix their server issues, I cannot honestly write anything definitive. If the servers are this sporadic after a few more days, there is little I can do than to write this off as an offline-only game until serious intervention is taken. I cannot in good conscience write a review and give a score based on online features that should work in the future."

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tatotiburon4032d ago

President Obama, i want to congratulate you, good job.

I wan to ask how your government are planning to stop the massive FLOP virus from Sony.

Thank You..once again, congratulations

Bathyj4032d ago

Shouldn't you be getting repeatedly raped by Lucas and Speilberg?

CyberSentinel4032d ago (Edited 4032d ago ) least it's FREE!

(right lemmings?)

Blind Lemmings, Your NOT Gamers.

Snukadaman_4032d ago (Edited 4032d ago )

wow..problems with littlebig planet..the droids insist there are no fact its a great game...but half a game..hey some of these idiots are happy with half a game...let them be happy.....f^ckem....all i know is if there are problems with playing gears of war 2 I wont sit on here and proclaim its the greatest game around..I will be on here complaining...not some mindless d*ckhead who swears up and down half a game is better then no game at all.....suckers.

@edit amen cybersentinel....bubbles.

Sir_Ken_Kutaragi4032d ago

I'm getting my Copy 2day!!! ;-P

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n4gn4gn4gn4g4032d ago

DID write his review no one would give a he has to suck off the teat of Kotaku's story to make his relevant?

Sackboy will kick this guy in the nads.

BrianC62344032d ago

The problem with this non-review is he wrote it last week. I've been having no trouble with the game. I haven't published anything but I've played the regular missions and lots of online and offline user created missions with no problem. The search feature needs work but I'm sure it will be improved.

I didn't buy LittleBigPlanet expecting it to be perfect right away. I think if we all expect a game like this to be perfect it would never get released. It's a compicated game. Media Molecule did a great job on the game and will continue doing a great job.

dro4032d ago

OFF TOPIC... I must be dreaming, a BLACK man is president of AMERICA after all its history of racism and kkk and slavery..e.t.c

I never tought i will see this day... NOW i hope racism can end FOREVER and we can all live in PEACE.... GOD BLESS THE USA :)

FCC4031d ago

On contrary to belief on N4G, LBP isn't god on a disc. It has problems, specifically, it's server problem. I went over to my buds house to play LBP to see if it lived up to it's hype which it did, because it's a customizable platformer. We tried playing with a couple other friends and the lag was so unbearable that everyone just quit and we just did some offline coop.

This is not FUD, this is not fanboy, a problem does exist.

Rofflecopter4031d ago

ive played multiple 4-player coop and the only lag is during connection because they show you their character, but the toon does not move. other than that, online has been fine for me!

Ice2ms4031d ago

Ive had the game for nearly a week now and i have yet to HAVE any problems.
I have not had any server problems which surprised me ( Irish broadband sucks so most games i have problems with)

sumguy814031d ago (Edited 4031d ago )

i think your emphasis should have been on the word any...not have.

calis4031d ago

unfortunately racism will still exist.

There will be some uneducated fools in America who cannot handle seeing a black man as president. And those people breed (unfortunately)

Daishi4031d ago

Wait, isn't Obama only 6% black? I mean that's like having some stew and calling it a steak because it has meat in it... But anyways racisim is dead in America, only a few pockets of resistance left! People have so many more things to fight about, like which console is better!

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Makidian4032d ago

Congrats on the win Mr. President!, and the online issues have pretty much been ironed out for LBP so this blog critic needs to cry in a corner somewhere and fade back into the obscurity from whence he came

Martini4032d ago

Free is free right (PSN) ?!

Peter Griffin4032d ago

so becuz USERS pay for online usage, it makes the quality of the service betta.

Sir, if u think Microsoft gives a $hit about you then ur already doomed

ThanatosDMC4032d ago

Ignorance is bliss.

Trivia: Did you know it's using Media Molecules' servers? The more you know.

InMyOpinion4032d ago

I guess you get what you don't pay for lol!

ShinnokDrako4032d ago

Yes, free and runs perfectly for me, good ;)

JoySticksFTW4032d ago

while those same fanboys forget about all of the server issues 360 was having with Halo 3 and COD 4 in which some users couldn't play online for weeks.

But hey... the truth stings, so why not ignore it ;D

Lucreto4032d ago

People have short memories live was down for nearly a month last Christmas. What was worst you were paying while it was down. If PSN goes down we are not losing money.

pixelsword4032d ago

If it was the PSN, then the whole of PSN would be affected.

4032d ago
The Lazy One4032d ago

Those games didn't use servers on the 360...


na2ru14032d ago

Yeh the entire XBL was down. I guess you don't get what you pay for.

Viatrophy4032d ago

that when you sign up to Live you are given a month free anyway? Does that not make up for the month it was down?

Plus didn't they give us something back for the Christmas mess up? If I remember rightly, they did.

GarandShooter4032d ago

'when you sign up to Live you are given a month free anyway? Does that not make up for the month it was down?'

No, it doesn't. That's a free trial period to get you hooked and subscribing. If you sign up it's done it's job and nothing more.

'Plus didn't they give us something back for the Christmas mess up?'

Yes, you are correct. The game Undertow was available for free download for a few weeks.

The Lazy One4032d ago

I think carcasonne was too?

sumguy814031d ago

and in my experience the PSN is slow all around. it's not a very high quality service. but it is free, so i can't complain.

and i can and did complain about live being down at least a few hours a day for a few weeks around xmas. but that one guys is right. they did offer us a few free live arcade games. and beyond that one month of lousy service, Live has been pretty perfect. it's a much more solid service with much faster download times, easier update system, better connectivity to friends, more ppl have headsets, and a larger percentage of the console owners also have the live gold service. The only ppl who knock Live are the people who are still in love with Sony cuz of ps2. if you just entered the gaming community this generation, you'd take one look at live and psn and know exactly what the better choice is. and i would gladly pay sony 50 dollars a year if they could match the quality of Live.

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ViRaL-4032d ago

since the patch came out

INehalemEXI4032d ago

Yeah, Its been smooth since then.

VampHuntD4032d ago

What issues is he talking about? I didn't play until after the patch sooooo I never saw any issues. Guess my hardcore wireless connection eliminates them eh? Wait that would make it worse....

4032d ago
GarandShooter4032d ago

I experience a short lag when another player is joining a game, and once or twice when dead players tried to leave a game due to unavailability of a check point to respawn the game slowed and took several seconds to allow the players to leave and return control to me. I have FiOS internet so I'm sure my connection is not the issue, although the connection speeds of the other players may be contributing factors. Otherwise, my online experience has been flawless.

Regardless, neither issue has detracted from my enjoyment of the game one bit.

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