Crackdown 3 Extra Edition Update Now Available

Crackdown 3 was already good fun, but now it's even better. Download the Extra Edition update now and have fun with the Keys to the City.

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WhyHate791d ago (Edited 791d ago )

This is awesome, CD:3's Keys To The City is back and much like the author of this article said haters be damned.

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Kribwalker790d ago

“Also added via the Extra Edition upgrade is a vanity progression system for Crackdown 3‘s multiplayer portion, Wrecking Zone. By earning Agency Points during matches you’ll now be able to unlock over 100 tiers of items to customise your Agent with. Six different types of ‘Overdrive’ Skill boosts have also been added, and the interface has been tweaked in numerous ways.”

i don’t understand how they didn’t have this ready for it at launch. with no progression there was no point to play the multiplayer

DaDrunkenJester790d ago

My thoughts exactly. I played it for a little bit for the novelty of the destruction, but with no progression there was no reason to come back. They also need to add more maps and a party system also. But at this point I'm not sure many people play the MP anyway.

MasterCornholio790d ago (Edited 790d ago )

It's pretty easy to understand. Sumo Digital are incompetent. Microsoft should have given the game to somebody else.

Easy as that.

rainslacker790d ago

Didn't they take the game from someone who was making it and then give it to sumo? Or am I thinking of a different game

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The story is too old to be commented.