Every Version of Resident Evil 4 Ranked

Resident Evil 4 has been ported yet again, this time to Nintendo Switch. How does this latest version measure up against all the others?

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PhoenixUp52d ago

The Wii version of RE4 is the best because it has motion controls?

Does that mean the PS3 version of RE5 is the best because it has Move functionality?

NecrumOddBoy52d ago

It's because the Wii controls help substantially with aiming since this is a lead-footed shooter.

gam3r_4_lif351d ago

No they didn't it was clunky as hell. It is far easier to aim accurately with dual analog sticks than the shitty wavey wii mote at the time. I guess you either never played it on the Wii or only played it on the Wii

Neonridr51d ago

The motion controls made that game amazing though. I am sure RE5 was even better with Move functionality as well. But that's for a different article since we are talking about 4.

I mean what is so great about the PS4 version of RE4 over the Wii one at the end of the day? Higher resolution, sure. Some more solid frame rate, yes. But it's not like it's still not using the same original assets, Blocky and all.

So why not take the one that feels the best when it comes down to controlling it?

Myst-Vearn51d ago

1) not everyone likes or prefers motion control, 2) the game looks a LOT better on PS4/PC than the Wii, especially for someone playing on a large TV

Neonridr51d ago

@Myst - yeah I think if the Switch version had the Wii motion controls it would definitely been the better choice.

shaun mcwayne51d ago

There is no best version of res 5 as it sucks on all formats. Res 4 is best on wii. its as if the game was designed for the wii and ported other consoles. I got an imported version of res4 months before it released in the UK, for the gamecube and played it to death. I remember feeling special having it before anyone else in my area, I have good memories of res4. I've played most versions and wii leaves the others in the dust.

Hardiman51d ago

Well I don't care for part 5 as a game so I never tried the move options but I did enjoy 4's game world so I did play it again on the Wii and it is my favorite version.

hanko1451d ago

i had on gamecube and the controls were great too

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TeamIcoFan51d ago

Switch version is the best, good luck lugging a whole PS4/XB1 around to play it while you're out and about.

Ricegum51d ago (Edited 51d ago )

Sometimes people don't like to play when they're out and about. Hence, they're out and about. PC version is the best technically. I had most fun with the Wii version due to the motion controls.

ocelot0751d ago

Well the PC version has got to be the best then right? I can play it on my laptop if I wanted to when I am out and about at a higher resolution and framerate.

hiawa2351d ago (Edited 51d ago )

I am oldschool, controller is fine for my simple gaming tastes. Fine with it on the X1X. Not into handhelds and did not like the motion controls at all so nothing to lug around.

gam3r_4_lif351d ago (Edited 51d ago )

What a load of donkey crap. I played the Wii version it was actually one of the few games I finished on it before I sold it and bought a PS3. And at the time I remember thinking I would prefer to play it with dual thumbsticks. It looked like utter shit in comparison to the 360 andcPS3 versions. This guy is delusional

NarutoFox51d ago

The PC version should be the best version

YoungKingDoran51d ago

The worst thing about the wii version is that its too damn easy, headshots galore

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