E3 2019 Predictions – Ubisoft

Player 2 continues its predictions for this year's E3 conference. This edition sees the team take a look at what Ubisoft might be bringing to the show.

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NovusTerminus314d ago

About Watch_Dogs
"as long as the story keeps the same path as number 2 and doesn’t return to the drudgery of the first game."

I preferred the Noir style of the first game as well as the plot. And I actually liked Aiden a lot, sure he was kind of flat but the entire cast played very well off of each other.

runner4life314d ago

That article lost all credibility with the Assassin's Creed Vikings crap. That was fan made on unity. Game journalists should learn to use Google.

JoeBloggs314d ago

I am glad you are here to protect us all from an article that literally starts with a statement that says they will be making "wildly inaccurate predictions"

What would we do without you.

SpamnJam314d ago

yeah google, like this article

or this article

Damn wish they used google and didn't come up with these two articles as the first two results :-p

Hewso314d ago

Except it was reported on by Jason Schrier from Kotaku along with other Ubisoft information that was leaked and has proven to be correct... so you know...

william_cade314d ago

More MTs and XP boosters? Maybe cut a game to pieces and resell it to us? All the while putting some cool stuff on a screen to get us pumped so we continue to buy the same thing over and over again.