PETA Prompts Samba Ad Demise

Edge writes: "Animal rights organization People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) have commended Sega for pulling an ad for the rhythm game Samba De Amigo Wii that featured a "chimp actor."

According to PETA's blog, the organization contacted Sega after seeing the ad and informed the game maker of mistreatment of such chimps in the past.

"Faster than you can mangle a Metallica song on Guitar Hero, Sega pulled the video from its site and promised to keep all great apes out of its ads!" wrote PETA blogger Amy Elizabeth."

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There's Never Been a Better Time to Own a Quest 2

With loads of new games on the horizon and a recent price cut, we think there's never been a better time to own a Quest 2.

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ApocalypseShadow182d ago (Edited 182d ago )

You mean the price cut that isn't really a price cut. They started out with PREDATORY PRICING to kill competition. Then raised the price to stop the losses they were incurring for that low-ball price. Then lowered the price after jettisoning thousands of employees jobs and more competition on the market? Great time. Lol. The price cut is the same price they started out with.

Not only that, but most games announced are also coming to PC and PS VR 2 that will look and play much better. Yeah. And where's GTA? Lol

Neonridr182d ago

I mean when their headset is half as much as the next one, that's sort of on the other companies to do something about it. Valve didn't budge with their Index, they kept their higher price, and plenty of people purchased one (myself included).

ApocalypseShadow180d ago (Edited 180d ago )

Point is, they lowered it knowing it would kill competition so that they could control the market. Because other stand alone headsets were dropping around $500-700 during the $299 price. They couldn't afford the PREDATORY PRICING Facebook did.

Valve doesn't make stand alone headsets. Valve and Sony didn't jettison thousands of jobs in the gaming sector. Do you see Sony laying off employees in the VR portion of the company? No. Facebook did and lowered the price again. But the stock markets are still the same as they were.

It's why PS VR 2 isn't being sold at $299 because Sony would incur losses like Facebook did. They want to make a profit like they did with PSVR. Or at least break even and make money on the software.

I can clearly see a difference. There's still no GTA anywhere. I know I didn't imagine that either. And when Quest 3 shows up, Quest 2 will either be left behind like Quest 1. Or, hold back development of bigger games as games will need to work on both headsets. PSVR did that to PS4 Pro. And Series S does that to Series X. That's actually not good if we want games to advance in VR catering to the lowest common denominator.

thecodingart182d ago

it’s a pretty bad time to own a quest 2..

anast182d ago

PSVR2 is the future of VR gaming. I would start with there not a janky Quest set up.

Neonridr182d ago

unfortunately until PSVR2 can do wireless, there will always be pros to the Quest.

Angyobangyo182d ago

But it’s not. It’s simply another VR device with better specs than its previous offering. It’s not doing anything new, revolutionary, nor enticing people to jump on the VR bandwagon regardless of Sony’s marketing hype.

anast182d ago

When I am right in the future, I will need an apology.


The Quest Gaming Showcase Put Sony's to Shame

The Quest Gaming Showcase put Sony's PSVR 2 efforts to shame. Big reveals, new trailers and more highlighted an exciting future for Quest.

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potatoseal189d ago

That's weird.

According to lots of people, Sony's showcase was bad because a lot of the games shown are coming to Xbox

Now suddenly the Quest Gaming Showcase was amazing, even though most of the games shown are coming to Playstation.

I don't get it.

The fact is most of the VR games shown in that showcase are coming to PSVR 2. So doesn't that mean their showcase was bad?

Petebloodyonion189d ago

Perhaps ppl find the Playstation showcase bad because the Vr portion lasted about 10 minutes and about 5 games (including Beat Sabers) versus 1 hour plus for Meta?
We saw several games announcement.
We saw Quest 3.
a deep dive into Asgard Wrath2 (not coming to PSVR2).

potatoseal189d ago

Yeah but VR is all Meta has to worry about. Sony has console owners out there. Sony has..
- 120 million PS4's out in the wild
- 40 million PS5's
- and only just under 1 million PSVR 2's

This opinion piece is more akin to comparing apples and oranges imo. Sony didn't have a VR showcase. They had a playstation showcase. Not even 1 percent of sony consumers have PSVR2. You could argue that is a reason they should have shown more. But then again, Meta probably bought up all the exclusive advertising spots for VR games because VR is all they have to worry about. Again, the vast majority of the VR games shown are coming to PSVR 2.

Petebloodyonion189d ago

" The show will run a bit over an hour, focusing on PS5 and PS VR2 games in development from top studios from around the world."
Not my words
Now I couldn't care less that some of the games are coming to PS VR2, the point is they were shown (including Arizona Sunshine2) at an event that had next to zero visibility (have you seen the countless article about the Meta showcase on N4g?).

Unless Meta has paid an insane amount of money to each company for some exclusivity I doubt that a dev would have passed the chance to shine in THE PS SHOWCASE watched by millions in favor of a small check to reveal their game in a showcase that will be barely discussed.

Last but not least here's something to think about:
Wasn't the PSVr2 the headset made for CORE gamers that bring the POWER of PS5 to VR so we could have PC AAA VR gaming instead of cheap experiences made for a mobile phone chipset?

Yet today we are debating that these mobile experiences are also coming to PSVr2.

potatoseal189d ago (Edited 189d ago )

Yeah I hear you. But there is no debate on if they are coming to PSVR2, we know they mostly are. The debate was really, at least originally, just about if the Quest showcase "put sony to shame". I just don't think it did and I don't really think it's fair to compare the 2 in an apples to apples sense. There are other different variables for both companies. Imo, was their VR showing better than Sony's VR showing? Yeah I would rank it higher. Did they put sony to shame? LOL I really don't think so.

fr0sty189d ago (Edited 189d ago )

Sony's showcase lasted just over an hour, and had 2 consoles to show content for, one of which is only 3 months old... and people are complaining that the 3 month old console had less content to show than the 3 year old one? I see goal posts getting carried all over the field here. Not to mention announcing a new headset that costs $100 more than the last one (only $50 less than psvr2), and is still inferior to PSVR2 (No OLED HDR, no haptics, no Foveated rendering, no eye tracking).

EvertonFC189d ago (Edited 189d ago )

Don't know what VR games you have been playing but I haven't played one mobile game on psvr or VR2 or PC VR for that matter

shinoff2183189d ago

Psvr2 has been out since mid Feb this year. Relax man. It's already been saidbits selling better then the doom and gloom tried to report. Let it be out things take time.

Petebloodyonion189d ago

Nobody asks for or expects a 50%/50% show but Sony did say that the FOCUS would be on PS5 and PSVR2 games.
Last I checked, Focus means the center of interest or pay particular attention to.
So please tell me how Sony put focus on PSVR2 when the not focus PSVR had 7 NEW games announcements at E3 2017 (back when VR was nonexistent) squeezed between Spiderman, Horizon Zero Dawn, GOW, Detroit Become Human, and Uncharted legacy.

This year: 3 new games 1 patch and a reminder of a Vr mode for less than 6 minutes squeezed between Gran a Gran Turismo movie trailer ( 2:40 min) and tons of indie games.

And just a reminder for the next time you say Sony does not spend time on things that nobody owns


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darthv72189d ago

It wasn't hard to outdo the sony showcase. Hell... even the evercade showcase was better and that was only 30 minutes with new carts AND a new themed console being revealed.

shinoff2183189d ago

While I didn't care much for sonys showcase. Just only a couple really interested me. It is what it is. Its not like damn thats all sony has the next few years. .

You make a valid ass point

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darkrider189d ago

Trash article, trash title to get clicks. The reality, gamers don't care everything is selling good.

Abnor_Mal189d ago

I guess I could look into Asgard Wrath for my Quest2.

Almost thought it said Asuras Wrath VR

Gaming4Life1981189d ago

Asgards Wrath is one of the best vr games ever made and 2 looks even better. I can't wait to get my hands on it.